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for bp99:
Better than me. I only waited 10-12 turns, but got 0 ini increase in the end...
Okay, here are some possible facts about initiative development based on my testing battles.

1. Initiative gain per battle is capped at 0.3, so no need to wait 100+ turns like I did in two of my battles (in one of them my DE did something else at the beginning before I waited him 100+ times, in the other my DE did nothing but waiting 100+ times).

2. Confirmation/revision of slayerofall's theory: if you only wait in a battle, you can get a higher initiative gain. In one short battle, I did nothing but waiting, surely < 50 waits and I got 0.3 init gain. In another long battle, I waited 100+ times, but accidentally defended a few times towards the end, and I only got 0.3 init gain.

3. I'm not sure if there will be any cap on the final initiative. If not, I can easily see some pro's here can get close to 18 initiative at the end of 30th battle. :)
for bp99:

Bro, if the admins made it so we need to wait >50 turns, it means they forgot a game is meant to be fun! :(

BTW: I just waited 8 turns in my last fight and got 0.2 init
OK, in my last fight I wanted 24 turns and my ini got from 12.8 to 12.9

How is this possible? What am I doing wrong?
for SirM0rphius:

Maybe higher initiative is only allowed to grow slower.

That means my initiative is really low so I'm allowed to gain the max gain. :(
for bp99:
If this is a case, it means that while you lost on initiative, I've lost on other stats. In all this fights where I got 0-0.1 initiative, I could have boosted the spells...

so far im completly disapointed and not gonna continue after 50 unless i see change in growth.
Unless this guy unlocks dominion of fire I'm going to be very annoyed that I chose chaos spells!

sorry but DoF effect comes from talent. This guy is like a caster unit in your army so it wont have independent talents. At best you can hope for is Mg4 spells like pit demons/sky shamans but that kinda sucks because it wont scale very much at all.
I want to see mg5 spell such as implosion.

Vidomena was able learn summon phoenix, hopefully councilor don't disappoint us.
You never know. Supposedly confusion can come up to 100% for no retal damage at all.
for virtual_vitrea:
Well this guy technically is a hero ;)

This event is burning so much gold, even with playing both battles each level I'm losing 1/3 of the time
for merlin36:
play rush builds. de i have 1 lose cause i messed up from 80 battles
Yeah maybe I made the wrong choice but I wanted to try red demon for the first time I bet that doesn't help lol
I tried red demon at first but changed to dark Denon. Working better for me so far


Tried elf and dark elf bt lost

Any suggestions plz
get 4 luck. maybe do some extra grind for iniative.
Done thanx to charmer elf
just play tribal with stacking % damage reduction and watch 600-1000 enemy stacks do 100 damage to your units lol
Casting mass darkness spells by councillor won't give next turn 50% faster, Admins confirmed.
Will wearing robber's set help? Are these battles considered as Ambushes?
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