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We need kill the cart first, but me failed too :( maybe need try enchanted way with 3 luck.
go with luck build. and farm some more ini
I found killing all the main army and then killing each unit that comes out of the cart helps and any extra units only then hit the cart (although my cart was only 10k hp)

Try the other option? Also, no need to get your brawlers killed so soon.
so far going smooth with luck build

Finally pass LV 19 with barbarian. I did some error maybe other can do better
How are you guys spending points? Here is mine:
Attack: +18%
Initiative: +10%
Recruit count: +3% .

As an elf, ini and attack seems like a good investment.

My dark elf has decent spells but the ini is too low :(
Any one knows how can I improve it?
Attack: +12%
Defense: +8%
Initiative: +7%
Recruit count: +9%

I go 18lv with dark elf, LV 19 & 20 with barbarian. Done all 40 battle today
19 tribal:


I melee the cart and killed anything poping out from it with shamans.
I think the progress is capped at some point.
I've waited a whole battle and my initiative went from 10.3 to 10.4
Next battle I've waited and my initiative remained at 10.4...

So maybe Kh`Everst learning curve is capped until you reach some threshold, like every 5 or 10 fights?
Initiative 10.4... That can be a game changer. And latviesu has initiative over 12!!!

I clearly waited too little in the easy battles. :(
Also enemy shooters like to target my Kh'Everst. In several battles, he could only cast one spell before being shot down :(
for bp99:
Initiative 10.4... That can be a game changer. And latviesu has initiative over 12!!!

I still have 7 fights to do today, so maybe I can reach that too.
But still, the fights for lvl 15 didn't give me any extra ini at all...
Sry, I meant 11 fights to do for today...
That's loads of room for improvement. Nice work!
I think it makes a lot of sense to build KhEverst like latviesu does and farm initiative at lower levels. When battles get tougher it will not be so easy to wait five times in a row, while getting behind in dark magic school may not be such a big deal.
for Majblomma:

Yes, this was also my plan from the start. But if there is a cap on how far you can get depending on the combat level (like I noticed when doing lvl 15 and my ini didnt go up at all), it means Ive wasted some potential to grow in other areas like dark spells for example.

Its too bad we are going blind here, as this can make a huge difference in the later stages
Yeah, keeping us blind in a new form of event is bad. I didn't know waiting increases your initiative until reaching level 10 or something when someone posted it here.

Still stuck at 19 this was the closest i got with luck built
Are u guys doing double battles per battle ?
Like eddreine tokd above done 40 for today ?
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