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Armour reduction by fire magic and other chaos level 2 talents are possible :)

for Murali:
50% fire damage defense reduc?
Waiting 24 times do not help gain ini lol. U can wait 1 time and get the same benefits as 24 times provided u did not do anything else the entire game.

Waiting + cast spell = less progessive growth towards initiative as its progress is split between spell/mana and initiative.

if u want to grow ini just wait and dont do anything else.
still total toilet after 90 battles
Event messed up again? Only 50 attempts left after battle 50. In both, .com and .ur announcment it says 75 additional attempts.
In the last 7 fights I focused on casting spells. In 5 out of 7 I managed to win the fights right after the mana reached 0. In 2 of them I had to wait 2-3 turns.
Yet, my Kh`Everst went from 28 mana to 30 mana. And from 13.9 initiative to 14.
How can he only get 2 mana and 0.1 initiative in 7 fights? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
Look at spells. Those got upgraded.
for mellor: No spell got upgraded in those 7 fights. It's the first think I'm looking at.

At fight nr 8, after casting all this time: 90% delay, 9% Disruption and 1% curse, it decided to learn mass curse :)))
No i don't mean new spells. Efficency of the spells get increased. For example curse from 60% to 61%. Disruption from 3 to 4 etc.

What gets upgraded inside dark spells is random. You could only use delay and you will get increase in curse for example.
Any suggestion for this battle 41? Third try on it now. Too much meat popping out from the caravan to handle quickly.

Go rush faction and build (full attack), pisition correctly and that is it.
I played 41 as elf in level 18, maybe it can act as reference.

or just stack % damage reductions on tribal and when they finally get to spirit they do no damage... 600 gnoll leaders? 60 damage lmao
I would prefer not to have my battles last two years, thanks.
i am averaging 4 mins a battle, look at my battle log, that is with prolonging the fight to buff de
I would prefer not to use an enchanted adventurer's set for the main battles, thanks.
nonsense event, DO NOT force players to repeat battles to do additional stages.

Fun event but tedious, admins need to understand players have real life. This game have became a f chore instead of enjoyment.
mellor & Murali:

Thank you for the advice. Passed with an all-A build for DE. A funny story though: I actually wanted to do an attacking elf and even put on a bow of light. But forgot to change my faction. Still won the battle with ease but the bow was wasted :)
for kchong:
you are not forced to play
stuck on 70 atm. gonna have to think about how this one needs to go
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