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Interesting artifacts07.05, 09:32100Lord magicboy07.07, 10:58, by Santremus
What to do after lvl 14?07.04, 17:3117#7279Yinx07.06, 14:58, by #7279Yinx
Ambushing yourself, bug?07.05, 09:3032#1209Lord Magistrus07.05, 19:36, by CGSMCMLXXV
stupit rule07.04, 17:328huulon07.04, 18:27, by Skunder
updates07.03, 18:0633#9595Lord Nebiros9207.04, 16:36, by #9595Lord Nebiros92
An "excellent" example of unsporty behaviour07.04, 00:573DerMagus07.04, 10:34, by #7365Lord Kotrin
hi07.03, 21:1515kushika907.03, 21:26, by trufleshufle13
tgi rent fraud!07.02, 16:4529Lady ziu07.03, 18:19, by RandhyDBest
The Truth07.01, 10:1347#4201TK_07.03, 15:58, by munlax
Mercenary Quest Difficulty Topic06.26, 00:3917#7181Lord Xerfer07.03, 00:18, by #7181Lord Xerfer
All about triefs )06.30, 18:339Lord Patriot07.02, 21:16, by Lord Patriot
High Level Hunts06.26, 21:5644Lord Jedi-Knight07.02, 12:46, by Lord Jedi-Knight
combats07.01, 17:133shomfrey07.01, 19:50, by Lady Van_GM
smithing effect after art has already been repaired07.01, 19:013Lady WindElf07.01, 19:13, by Lady WindElf
Is TGI lending safe?06.30, 17:135MeanDrake07.01, 16:56, by #4201Lord Pantheon
element prices06.30, 14:2214elenthil07.01, 00:59, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
jerks07.01, 00:323kushika807.01, 00:46, by Skunder
srry07.01, 00:213kushika507.01, 00:26, by kushika5
selling and renting arts07.01, 00:145kushika507.01, 00:21, by Rpbns4ever
kushika806.30, 23:513kushika507.01, 00:07, by Skunder
Wizard Faction Topic05.23, 09:51115#4201Shebali06.30, 16:57, by MeanDrake
Complaints and applications - Finance and others dosnt works06.29, 17:357Wizzard06.30, 06:39, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Lexa's character page06.29, 18:227Geryon06.30, 06:23, by #7365Lord Kotrin
experience gained in hunts06.28, 23:1617CGSMCMLXXV06.29, 22:51, by CGSMCMLXXV
Can someone explain the high recruit count?06.29, 12:008Lord Ravensclaw06.29, 14:27, by Lord Summergale
enchanted gargoyles perish from lorekeepers fireball06.29, 08:424Zhir06.29, 09:57, by #7490Lord xXxKratosxXx
Tier bests06.24, 08:3138chimimorio06.29, 08:12, by Lord Magedrifter
Barbarain all about it talents etc06.27, 09:273filowarrior06.28, 17:23, by Pang
thievs06.20, 11:3875NobleKnight06.27, 09:01, by smart0eddie
Thought this was funny....06.27, 06:282Devilissa06.27, 06:39, by Lord Head-Shot

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