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News: Imperial Reformation10.28, 02:56336EROCS11.04, 15:14, by Lord Jedi-Knight
What's wrong with so many people here? (Group Battles)11.02, 19:0847Nutella11.04, 02:40, by mizzk
Temporary server pending11.02, 15:3629#4201Arctic11.03, 00:40, by filowarrior
1 player play 2 hero in 1 fight!11.02, 11:135DDark140311.02, 11:41, by Zyanya
I can't get the points of the updates11.01, 20:3721GardenCity11.02, 10:27, by Slust
#325 LWM - Empire Court10.27, 09:2156Lord magicboy11.02, 05:45, by darmogathel
[News] Halloween10.31, 18:53373Houl11.02, 01:33, by Lady Takesister
Update Report11.01, 13:039darmogathel11.01, 16:22, by darmogathel
halloween11.01, 13:587hitsuyan11.01, 14:09, by nnt000
the caravan after faction change10.31, 05:2217#7279GGW10.31, 18:55, by Lord Jedi-Knight
to all theif's10.24, 16:5433expert10.31, 13:32, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
News!!!10.31, 00:026Work_For_Money10.31, 00:17, by Lady Takesister
I whant my candy10.31, 00:113whippets110.31, 00:14, by Lady Takesister
roulette actualy not evil10.27, 01:0622stepher10.29, 15:09, by Barbarian-Fishy
Vote NO to some updates!10.29, 06:5910#4201Lord Robai10.29, 07:21, by #7365Lord Kotrin
New AI action. For better or worse?10.25, 13:589God5end10.26, 14:32, by Barbarian-Fishy
What Updates Do You Prefer?10.22, 10:5959Lord Jedi-Knight10.25, 13:50, by Humpy
Haunted mine. Beware!10.24, 19:392#1209diversecity10.24, 19:42, by gem85
high levels losing too many battles10.23, 21:3834Gigantor10.24, 17:41, by Lady Straws
multi acc10.23, 21:554Lord Sleipnir10.23, 23:59, by Lady Takesister
Resources10.23, 00:336hyakkali110.23, 17:54, by razzziv
why -40 k??10.23, 14:193Lord -Malik-10.23, 14:33, by Lady Takesister
Admins and lags/automatic logouts earlier10.23, 05:4017mizzk10.23, 14:03, by hiddenshadow
Roulette10.22, 16:2511Lord Widowmaker10.23, 00:20, by Lady Takesister
elements economical10.13, 17:5540Lord syltan10.22, 23:19, by #7153Lord MrHellRaiser
Un-used gold in 2 Facilities10.21, 10:245Nano20910.21, 10:34, by Nano209
Too much ap10.20, 05:2830Bite-My-Nuggets10.21, 07:07, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Haunted mine. Beware!10.16, 14:1640Phil_Odaerin10.21, 04:17, by #414Dan-Panic
Which Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?10.16, 13:0247Lord Jedi-Knight10.20, 13:10, by Barbarian-Fishy
Look at this close theif fight10.20, 12:511#1209Lord Doomweed10.20, 12:51, by #1209Lord Doomweed

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