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36 of 100 Top Players are Dark Elf05.17, 05:1062Lord SpecialOne05.27, 12:44, by hiddenshadow
loans05.26, 23:138halopower05.26, 23:35, by #4201Shebali
wtf is wrong with amulet of luck!!05.25, 20:2014Lord Pentagon05.26, 05:33, by #7181Lord Jabbar
Have the hunt creatures started quoting us or are they...05.25, 21:583PeRsOnv205.25, 23:44, by PeRsOnv2
New record ?05.25, 12:3316#7181Lord marked_one05.25, 21:17, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Basic eruction05.25, 14:472OwNeD05.25, 14:49, by gurumao
Roulette time05.24, 22:164OwNeD05.25, 10:05, by Lady misself
OH the cowards in the game05.19, 14:5636Lady Abby05.24, 23:57, by Geryon
Carefull from players who ask yr password like Anasse05.23, 18:517thrax05.24, 13:32, by RandhyTheDarks
Wizard Faction Topic04.08, 13:12164thrax05.23, 10:08, by #4201Shebali
Elves faction topic - Mercenaries' guild Quests05.21, 22:036johnnytruth05.23, 09:03, by #4201Shebali
tournament05.22, 18:352ihouri12305.22, 18:45, by #7382Korzika
the trail05.21, 14:433#7705Lord abdullah05.21, 14:44, by #7705Lord abdullah
Best talents for level 10 Elf in group battle?05.20, 15:412Lord SpecialOne05.20, 15:55, by #4201Shebali
next tournament?05.20, 11:302Anmol05.20, 11:32, by Lady sry
Merc quest - protect Magi05.12, 15:5822Taeeren05.20, 04:57, by RandhyTheDarks
Thieving05.19, 11:522NatureLord05.19, 11:53, by NatureLord
higher experience people battling lower experience people05.17, 12:296jack285905.17, 13:57, by RandhyTheDarks
This is possible ?05.17, 04:1437KILLERST05.17, 06:43, by #7181Lord MasterTI
About ghost/app miss probability05.15, 06:2826rosaic05.16, 13:30, by ra115
dark elf faction topic12.26, 12:49404stephor05.16, 04:18, by RandhyTheDarks
Regarding This Server05.15, 20:305netpad05.15, 22:24, by Lord TigerClaw
Laborers' guils05.15, 01:289Popper05.15, 10:46, by Popper
Arctic interview!05.11, 06:1620#7365Lord Kotrin05.14, 23:09, by #7181Lord MasterTI
Diamonds05.14, 15:313Merik05.14, 15:35, by Lady Takesister
Funny stack setup on this hunt05.13, 17:521Javi05.13, 17:52, by Javi
Oh God, Finally our "Empire(14)" started Laboring 05.13, 05:175DarthMall05.13, 12:26, by FaithBringer
Necromancer faction topic05.13, 05:263#4201Shebali05.13, 05:41, by #4201Lord Ranor
enchant for necro05.12, 18:006Lady angelyk05.13, 05:27, by #4201Shebali
Delete the current OA topic05.12, 09:576Lady misself05.13, 00:45, by #4201Lord Pantheon

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