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Topic Date
Author Last message
Dark Elve ability01.02, 14:3213Lady Deathdevil01.02, 17:39, by Lady Deathdevil
Warp Portal12.31, 13:269God5end01.02, 01:21, by sharksfire
hunting01.01, 23:581Rygore01.01, 23:58, by Rygore
Easier to see if enrollment is possible12.31, 15:042ThunderLord01.01, 23:39, by ThunderLord
combat idea: sieges12.29, 21:0521Blood2801.01, 23:08, by bobsrevenge999
I suggest01.01, 15:565Lord hmm01.01, 20:29, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
For Next Artifact (Graphic) Upgrade01.01, 00:183#7181Lord Xerfer01.01, 16:08, by Lord hmm
Dear Admin XDDDDDDD01.01, 13:235#7181Lord Xerfer01.01, 15:27, by #7181Lord Xerfer
Another dear admins....01.01, 10:087F4bz01.01, 12:23, by sjb50
add repair skill in art info01.01, 08:305simonhii022501.01, 09:04, by simonhii0225
total lords position on the map.12.27, 04:385delwinteo01.01, 08:21, by Lady sry
Music and animation...01.01, 04:592Veni_Vedi_Vici01.01, 06:46, by urgone
Create music in combat01.01, 01:262MagicalBonds01.01, 01:32, by Sven91
Troop Sets12.30, 19:244ManBearPig01.01, 01:27, by Kyrian
Clan Search12.31, 22:213Kyrian01.01, 00:51, by Kyrian
Thieves guild resources possibility12.31, 23:566DarkLillith01.01, 00:27, by Lady fusei
Increase Battle Chat Log Scrolling12.27, 20:379#4201Lord Pantheon12.31, 21:31, by MagicalBonds
For new years12.31, 21:301MagicalBonds12.31, 21:30, by MagicalBonds
My Ideas12.31, 17:304RandhyTheDarks12.31, 21:15, by MaChaoShu
price cap12.31, 16:332GreenEggsandHam12.31, 20:43, by Zyanya
Double Smith Bench12.31, 19:282#7153limustudotcom12.31, 19:29, by Sven91
Instant Travel08.20, 18:5714Otter9312.31, 17:56, by Arctic
"Permanent" faction change12.31, 15:214D00g12.31, 15:54, by D00g
Half done, but well done so far...12.30, 01:503urgone12.31, 12:32, by #7181Lord Xerfer
ambush and game interrest12.31, 06:521El-Sheighul12.31, 06:52, by El-Sheighul
Surrendering12.30, 20:406Trainer60412.31, 04:30, by Pang
Two ideas from a relatively new player (group pvp)12.29, 20:525Marbles12.30, 21:46, by Marbles
Resource Priority to Workers12.27, 20:0429#4201Lord Pantheon12.30, 19:21, by Lord Ortan
the hero12.28, 23:0512videogmr12.30, 16:15, by Blood28
Traders guild12.28, 17:479Varus12.30, 09:26, by Lord Xeno

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