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Topic Date
Author Last message
Continuous output01.19, 10:1017Lord jrf01.19, 21:59, by Lady fusei
Adventure Map and Area Provinces01.17, 23:357BradRepko01.19, 21:30, by BradRepko
No AP in group battles or/and "group battle training&qu01.19, 14:102leonvinci01.19, 14:37, by #4201Shebali
clans01.19, 14:142Lord Kasim01.19, 14:36, by #4201Shebali
Another battle link01.19, 13:134LeNgZaISD01.19, 14:33, by Zyanya
Problems buying Defender shield or somthing else demanding01.19, 09:143#7181Lord Mr_eee01.19, 09:56, by Lord jrf
tournament..01.19, 06:492aaiiv1301.19, 07:17, by #4201Shebali
Ambiguosity at Huntings01.18, 01:477RandhyTheDarks01.19, 00:01, by krhug
2 suggestion.Character's look and cards games.01.18, 06:137CrossXVamki01.18, 11:53, by GothicKnight
hunter artifacts should have more durability01.17, 21:0610rapra01.18, 08:10, by CrossXVamki
Shared Control In Combat01.12, 01:013Bholden2no101.17, 23:34, by Solonarius
Forum Double Posting Idea01.17, 21:261#7181Lord MasterTI01.17, 21:26, by #7181Lord MasterTI
Battle review functions01.16, 18:315mizzk01.17, 11:22, by CitizenErased
improved friends list12.28, 22:136Inf1N1t01.17, 10:23, by samwizard
Forum functions01.16, 18:336mizzk01.17, 00:17, by mizzk
Deleting your account01.16, 15:3012CitizenErased01.16, 17:47, by Arctic
Player reputation01.16, 15:187#7181Lord Mr_eee01.16, 15:48, by Sven91
Suggestion to eliminate afk!01.16, 07:546Tzarlax01.16, 08:03, by Pang
Resources in facilities01.15, 23:333passo01.16, 01:20, by passo
additional setup boxes01.11, 14:4725Beinion1501.15, 22:54, by ipslne
Petition to remove Lab from Blooming Glade to Yellow Lake.12.30, 18:3535xManiacx01.15, 16:33, by Arctic
buying resources01.15, 13:557Sven9101.15, 15:28, by ipslne
Draw me a line...Please01.13, 17:046urgone01.15, 13:33, by God5end
Better info about the "player is in combat" link.01.14, 11:184Lord Irreps01.15, 11:16, by #7181Lord Xerfer
More setup time for double hunts01.06, 18:5511Lord Xeno01.14, 23:05, by Lord Ganz
Personal banner and insigna01.14, 15:548#7181Lord Luckas01.14, 18:24, by Gaurav22
New Races01.14, 11:142Paulina01.14, 11:19, by #4201Shebali
make a better chat log in game01.13, 15:223hAzMa01.14, 11:13, by Lord Irreps
im so pissed sometimes :p01.14, 06:093hAzMa01.14, 06:16, by #4201Shebali
can buy lots of items on market01.13, 15:141Gaeriel01.13, 15:14, by Gaeriel

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