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Topic Date
Author Last message
get rid of morale02.16, 01:525rocks02.16, 03:06, by Pang
Work Code Authorization02.15, 18:091Lord Triam02.15, 18:09, by Lord Triam
Market: Your bids02.15, 10:184Juregen02.15, 10:55, by Sven91
Missing Spells of Nature02.12, 07:4912Lord Gryphon02.15, 09:42, by Greyford
search button02.15, 05:252PastorDex02.15, 07:40, by PastorDex
Combat Log - Automatic Full Play button02.15, 06:566#7181h4nd02.15, 07:25, by #7181h4nd
Roulette02.14, 12:4112mr-darkguy02.15, 06:55, by Skuwak
production facilities02.14, 20:543hockeynut02.14, 21:13, by hockeynut
need for hot keys02.14, 11:566wizardhero02.14, 18:01, by #7279Yinx
clan councel02.13, 21:4912hockeynut02.14, 14:15, by hockeynut
1 year old lordswm02.14, 13:355wizardhero02.14, 13:50, by Lady Straws
Spacebar06.26, 07:333LEVY02.14, 12:12, by LEVY
two ideas02.13, 10:4413Lord Kasim02.13, 15:17, by Im_a_noob
battle desrtption02.13, 06:022necro_66602.13, 06:33, by Arctic
new rule02.12, 23:5110#7181Lord lukeman5678902.13, 04:39, by ReIncarnate
Web-based Comic02.10, 22:494PaladinforGod02.13, 02:43, by MaChaoShu
Moving on the map02.12, 20:273#7365dogknght902.12, 20:53, by #7365dogknght9
Can lordswm do something to this silly combat loading? :((02.12, 17:053Lord SpecialOne02.12, 17:17, by #4201Shebali
tournament distribution02.12, 15:004wizardhero02.12, 15:41, by #4201Shebali
Rent Market... TGI02.12, 13:031ipslne02.12, 13:03, by ipslne
Tournaments for diamond upgrade and no diamond02.10, 10:1510#7181Lord Mr_eee02.12, 09:03, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
Suggestions for Market system02.09, 21:1312Lord Triam02.12, 01:00, by #7181Omega22
New Shield Idea...02.11, 17:304urgone02.11, 21:34, by ipslne
Tavern02.11, 16:491krhug02.11, 16:49, by krhug
Group Survival Tournament.. 2 kinds...02.11, 15:192leonvinci02.11, 15:23, by #4201Shebali
primary parameters - change faction02.09, 15:376Sven9102.11, 10:58, by #4201Shebali
bigger punishments01.23, 16:368Sven9102.11, 10:06, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
mining02.10, 17:535MassMacros02.11, 08:49, by Sun_Tan
holiday Events and Double xp weekends!02.10, 16:5212Lord silverknife02.11, 02:40, by Lord Celtic
new idea02.10, 13:139mr-darkguy02.10, 17:06, by Philiptamatious

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