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Author Last message
if AI carravan's settlement could be previewed...02.25, 13:087tany02.25, 16:08, by #7181Omega22
help offert for multilanguage game !!02.25, 13:582GirlForFun02.25, 14:18, by FaithBringer
AFK's! :(:(:(02.25, 08:402Icebergsviet02.25, 08:41, by #4201Shebali
Transfer Descriptions02.25, 00:402#4201Lord Pantheon02.25, 08:33, by Arctic
Thieves arts02.25, 03:114Lord www198002.25, 05:44, by #4201Shebali
Clans02.22, 03:3518hockeymaniac02.25, 02:50, by hockeymaniac
Skill and exp02.24, 18:053Lord Xeno02.25, 00:13, by Sven91
gender abilities01.27, 11:1622azabukinie02.24, 20:47, by Lord Xeno
Raise dead option02.24, 17:596Bfriudo02.24, 19:26, by Bfriudo
castle constructions02.24, 01:527hockeymaniac02.24, 18:23, by FaithBringer
Merc reputation and element chance02.19, 23:4522ReIncarnate02.24, 15:47, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
Luck Drink from the Tavern unavailable in Tournament02.21, 02:2324Lord Grunge02.23, 09:22, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
30 Mins for next ambushing02.23, 08:313RandhyTheDarks02.23, 09:14, by FaithBringer
A menu to vote Lordswm02.20, 19:0712Lord SpecialOne02.23, 07:08, by Lord SpecialOne
Hunt Assist02.22, 11:494Lord Rayleigh02.22, 17:12, by telca
Betting system for Duel and Group Battles02.22, 04:508God5end02.22, 11:07, by Sun_Tan
The AFK Counter02.15, 00:3114Xanxas02.22, 09:13, by holycharlie6
afk solution02.21, 23:502allyourbase02.22, 00:05, by FaithBringer
ambushes during travelling02.21, 13:5312Beltes02.21, 23:39, by Beltes
hero fight02.21, 18:575jonathan9602.21, 23:26, by FaithBringer
Option for Maximum AP02.21, 00:423apoe02.21, 09:51, by Zyanya
Forum02.21, 06:508Lord Rayleigh02.21, 07:30, by Lord Rayleigh
Better advertising02.20, 23:272Lady Van_GM02.21, 02:56, by DarwenAward
hero should do like units02.18, 17:422jambronk02.21, 02:51, by jambronk
Signatures02.16, 06:4417Lord Kasim02.20, 18:12, by DarwenAward
Indicators for challenge rejection02.20, 18:001Kal_Martani02.20, 18:00, by Kal_Martani
Battle Field Objects/ Archer attacks02.20, 03:092Leingod02.20, 03:29, by jambronk
My Suggestions and Ideas ^^02.19, 19:365RandhyTheDarks02.19, 22:24, by #7181Lord Xerfer
Time Expires02.19, 16:312Leingod02.19, 21:12, by FaithBringer
Buy in advance02.19, 20:042#7365dogknght902.19, 21:10, by FaithBringer

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