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Topic Date
Author Last message
Character parameters display03.12, 13:403Kal_Martani03.12, 14:36, by Skuwak
monster - special ability link03.12, 14:201alex-b03.12, 14:20, by alex-b
Training center - test area - Combat only...03.12, 11:576leonvinci03.12, 12:36, by Skuwak
Why are Necro's disliked so much?03.12, 05:385Lazarus0003.12, 08:27, by #4201Shebali
A suggestion for handling afk's03.11, 14:013ISLEofVIEW03.12, 08:27, by #4201Shebali
Auction Duration03.12, 04:464Beinion1503.12, 08:12, by Lady Straws
Monthly Lottery03.12, 05:4712StevieG03.12, 06:47, by StevieG
time stop03.09, 13:566Archimonde103.12, 03:22, by God5end
Idea for the drop down menu...03.11, 06:337Azz2803.11, 18:29, by jambronk
special offers for diamonds03.04, 09:196Lord Killer80603.11, 14:21, by ISLEofVIEW
Country/Flag03.10, 15:2716ur_death03.11, 14:18, by ISLEofVIEW
public announcement about changing the rules03.10, 21:363CGSMCMLXXV03.11, 07:39, by #4201Shebali
Private Mail Quotes03.07, 13:3012Lady sry03.11, 05:57, by Bevan
afk are destroying they hole game.....03.10, 22:565cilepra03.11, 04:30, by Zyanya
Signet Ring Factory Refurbishment03.08, 23:2615Graat03.11, 03:47, by Lord Ravensclaw
better tutor03.10, 21:473#7181Lord lukeman5678903.11, 03:20, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Traveling....03.11, 01:362F_the_F03.11, 03:16, by Pang
Minor suggestions03.10, 19:221#4201Lord Dizbe03.10, 19:22, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Group battle creation03.10, 17:584Lady BlairWitch03.10, 19:16, by Lady BlairWitch
CaA mail trigger03.10, 11:452CGSMCMLXXV03.10, 11:53, by Terengganu
Let all LWM see ur name!!!03.03, 02:3238Skunder03.10, 03:32, by Skunder
hide creatures03.09, 10:595Archimonde103.10, 00:37, by ReIncarnate
Castles03.09, 19:305austinaero03.09, 23:29, by austinaero
waiting for an ambush03.09, 21:311#7705fistofgod03.09, 21:31, by #7705fistofgod
Troops Settlement03.09, 17:594Sven9103.09, 18:39, by Sven91
duels and group battles03.09, 15:274Archimonde103.09, 16:22, by Zyanya
recudece the time03.09, 06:103#7181Lord lukeman5678903.09, 06:57, by Zyanya
new clan03.09, 03:382tjjd203.09, 04:22, by golfmaniac
Hunt Helper,and a New Ability03.08, 23:594#7365dogknght903.09, 00:28, by #7181Omega22
AFK Counter Break03.02, 11:205Lady sry03.08, 21:44, by telca

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