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Topic Date
Author Last message
Troops Settlement03.09, 17:594Sven9103.09, 18:39, by Sven91
duels and group battles03.09, 15:274Archimonde103.09, 16:22, by Zyanya
recudece the time03.09, 06:103#7181Lord lukeman5678903.09, 06:57, by Zyanya
new clan03.09, 03:382tjjd203.09, 04:22, by golfmaniac
Hunt Helper,and a New Ability03.08, 23:594#7365dogknght903.09, 00:28, by #7181Omega22
AFK Counter Break03.02, 11:205Lady sry03.08, 21:44, by telca
Promoting LWM....03.07, 05:235#7181h4nd03.08, 15:42, by #4201SwitchBlad3
Bosses03.07, 23:063#7183Lord Elmix03.08, 08:29, by FaithBringer
whisper in group battles03.08, 00:064#7183Lord Elmix03.08, 04:32, by Zyanya
sound03.08, 02:092xxaxx03.08, 02:11, by techy
Alchemy10.07, 18:4211akwamaryn03.08, 01:29, by Lady Straws
faction change03.08, 00:011xxaxx03.08, 00:01, by xxaxx
More gifts01.29, 09:0821#7365Lord Kotrin03.07, 18:23, by #4201Shebali
Alchemic guild03.07, 15:482#7183Lord Elmix03.07, 15:52, by Lady Straws
Roulette Prizes03.07, 13:013#7365dogknght903.07, 13:14, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Creating a challenge, then going AFK03.03, 22:096Kal_Martani03.07, 04:59, by ReIncarnate
idea for PvP and ambushes03.06, 17:525Beltes03.06, 21:08, by Beltes
Improvement of Monster Talk03.01, 03:0011Lord xordax03.06, 17:24, by Lord Rayleigh
monsters talking im battle03.04, 09:235Lord Killer80603.06, 16:59, by Lord Rayleigh
Real economy. Price Fluctuation03.05, 07:1210Lord Rand03.06, 10:46, by Lord jrf
Killing lords03.05, 20:278Lord chakkal200103.06, 02:10, by techy
Angles of Attacks03.05, 07:5618Thelmon03.06, 00:32, by Thelmon
Repairs & durability03.05, 08:104Dionysus03.05, 12:19, by #4201Shebali
Issue with initiative bar03.04, 20:528imsunny03.05, 06:58, by Sven91
Advertising, Rewards, and Compensation03.03, 11:355#7181Lord Xerfer03.05, 00:05, by #7181Lord Xerfer
Castle Battles03.04, 23:302FrankTheTank03.04, 23:39, by MaChaoShu
Design characters03.04, 09:105Z_Pie_Monkey03.04, 21:37, by techy
AP setter03.04, 06:022Malaysian03.04, 06:07, by #4201Shebali
Employment codes03.03, 17:391mizzk03.03, 17:39, by mizzk
New rewards (possibilities) in Gamblers guild02.23, 09:2426#7181Lord Mr_eee03.03, 13:27, by #7365ipslne

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