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Topic Date
Author Last message
Lordswm pets04.11, 06:0712nobodiez04.11, 21:48, by nobodiez
A new background for lordswm04.09, 13:0915Lord Jack-Sparrow04.11, 15:11, by Lord Jack-Sparrow
time portal...04.10, 11:0210#9595Lord rehaanrulz04.11, 11:41, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
Faction Smilieys03.22, 06:0818Skunder04.11, 10:35, by #7181Shagan
troop settlement04.09, 17:505cadu199804.10, 11:08, by #9595Lord niranjan2009
thieves guild04.09, 09:3513#9595merlin3604.10, 10:45, by Lord vishnus
private mail03.20, 16:4645#9595Lord niranjan200904.10, 10:40, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
opposite of workaholic penalty04.10, 00:339Wise_Spender04.10, 10:39, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
memo in the combat log03.23, 18:0119#7279Lord Liuker04.10, 10:37, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
New MG quest04.04, 14:0214lik04.09, 22:24, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
bank and a change in thefing08.28, 10:5926#9595Lord rehaanrulz04.09, 22:15, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
Ridge of Hope&Dragons08.21, 16:353Lady Kirke04.09, 15:41, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
Auto - pass if hunt assist isnt available after demand.01.31, 10:079#4201virtual_vitrea04.09, 13:45, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
Lvl 15 only reward faction04.06, 20:349bogfish04.09, 13:16, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
continuos battleing04.08, 02:1611kill-strike04.09, 13:02, by Lord Jack-Sparrow
something new needed...!!!04.08, 16:586moon_barbarian04.08, 17:19, by moon_barbarian
hummm04.07, 14:073Lord great_barb04.07, 17:56, by #4201SwitchBlad3
hunter rewards for top rank hunt in universal rec.04.07, 05:505#9595Lord niranjan200904.07, 12:33, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Notifications during tavern matches .03.30, 08:4214#4201virtual_vitrea04.05, 13:34, by TheoTheGreat
for afk in hunt assist04.03, 12:566#9595Lord niranjan200904.04, 11:01, by cyberclops
edit button for forums04.03, 10:242#9595merlin3604.03, 12:45, by #4201SwitchBlad3
lg penalty after 5 battles04.02, 19:0711naapa9204.03, 05:30, by naapa92
Optional Skill Point distribution!03.31, 14:3520-Klingsor-04.03, 03:53, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Double tracking for Mercenary Guild01.26, 19:1669Nutella04.02, 09:34, by TheoTheGreat
exp+fsp stop button03.30, 23:338Lord Ghost_Face03.31, 23:04, by #4201Lord Robai
Kick button for group battles05.26, 12:4318Putrifactus03.31, 14:18, by august555
Reward for Hunt record03.23, 23:2838#4201Lord Khellendros03.30, 03:02, by Dark-Twins
Make hunt record be for max lvl X instead of only lvl X03.28, 19:0915#4201Lord Khellendros03.29, 14:29, by Arghmage
Upg Privet mail into internal mail(add CC & BCC)03.28, 06:482Lady Mohini03.28, 06:58, by Dalglish
Suggestion to improve the game03.24, 09:297GM200903.27, 11:40, by Lord Hallion91

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