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Topic Date
Author Last message
warning for 1/xx durability arts07.28, 08:548navimegaman07.29, 16:45, by Goku_30
Mount07.12, 10:3319barathum12307.28, 05:19, by barathum123
A combat guild?07.23, 08:3125Greyfalcon07.27, 16:01, by Greyfalcon
destroy lg guild07.22, 23:2442naapa9207.27, 14:20, by naapa92
Accessable magic book in character screen. (Outside combat)07.25, 11:183DarwenAward07.25, 11:21, by DarwenAward
Multiple Suggestions07.23, 17:109Saant07.25, 10:04, by Moana
AP allocation/limitation in group battles07.23, 13:342Ukak07.23, 17:29, by Soturi570
Clan Inventory07.23, 12:121Lord Sleipnir07.23, 12:12, by Lord Sleipnir
Pop up message07.23, 03:595Acron07.23, 09:32, by #9595merlin36
Thieves' guild07.22, 12:0212Pedro7607.23, 06:26, by #7110Lord Gangstarr
Banks07.22, 10:1519Liongo07.22, 20:10, by TheMarsh
Fire Wall07.11, 12:1518Pedro7607.22, 11:54, by Pedro76
Ap Rule07.16, 18:2838Lord LordDarveter07.21, 20:22, by cezar2
Multiple messages07.20, 20:2210#9595Lord hablaty07.21, 19:35, by Soturi570
More luxury auctions and more players online07.20, 12:585#7705Lord BrownBear07.21, 15:11, by #7705Lord BrownBear
Idea for next Christmas, for players Birthday and multichars07.20, 14:2410#7705Lord BrownBear07.21, 15:02, by #7705Lord BrownBear
Implement 2nd Faction specific Talent07.19, 15:5021I_own_you_all07.21, 12:26, by Lord dedengkot
2nd Faction Unique Talent Part-II07.20, 12:087Dev-Sharma07.20, 16:35, by Lord golovolom
Online members07.13, 16:284Acron07.19, 12:41, by DarwenAward
download kit07.09, 07:1211Wavern07.19, 10:56, by I_own_you_all
co-owner for a clan07.19, 08:422Lord golovolom07.19, 08:49, by Lady Takesister
minor tournament07.18, 13:385Mr_Pringle07.19, 07:18, by coolahed
format of cg battle07.16, 02:3123#7153Lady hpsim07.18, 01:58, by #9595Lord eddyimmanuel
M.G. Records, Badges07.17, 05:033aakash09kld07.17, 05:08, by aakash09kld
Auto-Resign...07.04, 23:3629Nav_lfc07.16, 20:42, by _TheShaman_
haircut for elfs07.06, 20:0935naapa9207.16, 18:34, by #9595merlin36
short description in hunt assist07.16, 18:133mage_of_loards07.16, 18:23, by #9595merlin36
Change all data format to standard format yyyy-mm-dd07.05, 23:1629#4201Lord Robai07.16, 10:07, by Lord togort
Complaints and applications - Finance and others - BACKLOG!!07.15, 17:381Beryl_The_Great07.15, 17:38, by Beryl_The_Great
Buying something from market07.14, 19:093#9595Lord hablaty07.15, 09:09, by #9595Lord hablaty

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