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Topic Date
Author Last message
Mixed Hunts06.11, 14:4241Dev-Sharma07.06, 12:56, by joechue
Time For some Serious Updates07.04, 06:4323DarkNekro07.06, 10:31, by Lord DragonEater
Combat Chat On/Off Button07.04, 03:1929Skunder07.06, 07:27, by Lord crazyfrog20
Higher Reputation Cap: Mercenary Guild.06.29, 21:169XboxVillainA07.05, 22:42, by joechue
hunt assist07.04, 11:123Jehova07.04, 22:19, by Kimerales
difficulty level in mg quest07.03, 14:374Lord kanss07.04, 14:48, by Lady sry
'Worker of he month' achievement07.04, 11:098Bartek00907.04, 12:43, by Bartek009
Won't it be easy ?07.03, 13:192Lord nayyart07.03, 15:05, by Lord nayyart
Renting arts from Artifact Shop07.01, 21:2111#7153Shaddomancer07.02, 21:55, by Pablorenzo
MC clans gets influence07.01, 20:542Lord harddude07.01, 20:59, by Lord harddude
Packmaster Fights and AFK06.30, 10:4212Sanaz2207.01, 15:44, by Lord SV22
language team07.01, 10:3415dziadu07.01, 15:38, by FAILbot
combat level 16 and more07.01, 12:042#7490Dark_Snow07.01, 12:06, by Lord DragonEater
24 hour restriction too long07.01, 10:382#7705Lord MilesTeg07.01, 10:39, by Lord nayyart
Just a very small idea...06.29, 09:5723Hypothermia06.30, 14:00, by HeckMcTreck
"I am Back" button for combat06.28, 17:076sonoob06.30, 09:02, by H4bro
GB needs more players06.30, 05:136scimi06.30, 08:53, by scimi
Card game06.17, 05:379#7365Rudra-God06.30, 08:23, by Lord ___C-O-D___
make creature growth inversely proportional to strength06.29, 19:281moki-06.29, 19:28, by moki-
Mercenary Guild Defense Quests06.28, 13:2312XboxVillainA06.29, 08:51, by OndaNera
on market real value of artifact next to art witch is on sel06.13, 09:5739naapa9206.28, 19:47, by Lord Someon3
change sound mad by fearies when you attack or kill them06.28, 04:1128Survivor1406.28, 16:48, by Soturi570
Upgraded market06.25, 09:098Bartek00906.28, 13:26, by XboxVillainA
Indicators06.25, 04:399Lord nayyart06.28, 10:57, by Lord nayyart
My Ideas06.26, 11:5013_TheShaman_06.28, 10:56, by Soturi570
Incoming transfer notification for inventory06.27, 04:339imz7606.28, 03:50, by #7153Flour
Some Ideas06.27, 11:558Jervis201106.27, 19:35, by Lord Atheros
build time06.26, 02:5922scimi06.27, 10:06, by coolahed
Instances06.25, 14:475xGrimmjoWx06.26, 06:05, by xGrimmjoWx
faction change pwd protected06.20, 20:589PeagusofAthens06.26, 04:23, by #7153Flour

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