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Topic Date
Author Last message
Controlling The Protected Unit During A Vanguard11.07, 05:3417joechue11.08, 10:09, by Lord Danzi
War or Event11.07, 18:171Osavyl11.07, 18:17, by Osavyl
sending group messages11.06, 13:224#7365stoter11.06, 16:24, by #7110Lord Gangstarr
card tourny entry fees to loses11.01, 12:3622naapa9211.06, 15:45, by #7365stoter
Insite on some race tournament11.05, 20:179#7153Flour11.06, 12:33, by #7365stoter
add 'public services'-link to facility pages11.06, 12:061#7365stoter11.06, 12:06, by #7365stoter
please fix the verifier-thingy for employment11.04, 17:0510CallofCthulhu11.05, 19:26, by #7365stoter
the casino rebet10.26, 08:374cutelygurl11.04, 19:11, by Biti
marketerguild10.14, 14:4235aryaman411.03, 22:26, by #4201SwitchBlad3
Daily prizes11.03, 09:253#7395Lord MrsGioco11.03, 10:56, by Yuri_Gagarin
Weather and Terrain09.16, 09:1139Bramble_Esper11.03, 08:57, by Bramble_Esper
new battle option10.31, 03:045theangrybarb11.02, 23:45, by Lord Desent
Remove orb randomness in ST10.29, 12:2430#4201Lord Khellendros11.01, 13:05, by blazingarpit
Poker10.30, 04:032theangrybarb10.30, 04:18, by Yuri_Gagarin
hunt help10.26, 01:1222Mishakal10.28, 13:37, by Dev-Sharma
NEW MAP10.26, 03:133babyrio10.27, 22:48, by Nutella
social10.26, 07:384Dbest10.26, 14:35, by #4201Magier
Roulette Tournayments!!10.26, 02:371Lord Intelegent10.26, 02:37, by Lord Intelegent
arrows10.25, 23:324Mishakal10.26, 00:53, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
Clan achievement in the tavern tournament10.25, 15:067#7705-_NO--NAME_-10.25, 17:24, by Sven91
mercenary guild licence10.23, 22:289Lord rehaanrulz10.25, 13:59, by Lord rehaanrulz
The AMBUSH OF NEW CHARACTER10.25, 12:021lyssario10.25, 12:02, by lyssario
Answers in justice forums10.23, 08:2510Unsichtbaer10.24, 21:38, by HeckMcTreck
Greater enchant uses10.24, 09:432#7705Lord MilesTeg10.24, 10:02, by Yuri_Gagarin
the attendence ideas10.23, 08:323lyssario10.23, 09:00, by Lord harddude
JUSTICE!!!!10.22, 01:025theangrybarb10.22, 01:10, by theangrywizard
notice about starting of battle10.21, 07:198virenpasalkar10.21, 20:21, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Add 'Notice' function to Character Page10.20, 09:293#7153Lord RicHunter10.20, 09:41, by #7153Lord RicHunter
Sprite's Wasp Swarm10.19, 22:378ipslne10.20, 08:07, by Yuri_Gagarin
Pre set moves10.16, 09:259#7705Lord MilesTeg10.19, 16:13, by #9595merlin36

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