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Change our name [For Players Below Level 3]09.04, 15:5718Knightee09.18, 15:33, by blazingarpit
Increase FSP for lost hunts09.18, 14:322Brunft09.18, 14:45, by Yuri_Gagarin
Quick Notifications Box09.18, 07:2311Lord Io-AKA-oI09.18, 14:28, by Lord Hallion91
Duality tournament08.22, 15:0723Slust09.18, 14:20, by Lord dedengkot
The Wastelands - a dream of all08.18, 21:4054#4201Lord Robai09.18, 11:54, by #7365Rudra-God
Remove Achievements [Blocked Players]09.16, 12:5829Knightee09.18, 05:58, by Mingles
enchant section on forum09.16, 02:163hellish_fiend09.16, 05:48, by #4201Lord Robai
Settlement combinations toy09.16, 01:451Kimerales09.16, 01:45, by Kimerales
Removal of exp reduction for hitting units with mirror09.14, 07:437I_own_you_all09.16, 01:31, by _TheShaman_
remove the bottleneck....09.09, 16:2324#7365stoter09.13, 19:36, by #4201SwitchBlad3
moral09.11, 16:4111evil_archer09.13, 17:43, by Karsot
rent artifacts09.12, 09:089Lord assasins_crid09.12, 16:51, by Brunft
Winning Streak (Achievement) on Tavern09.08, 16:308Explorace09.11, 15:14, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
Daily Rewards08.30, 10:5732Nottingham09.11, 06:24, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Why is there no way to report players anonymously.09.03, 07:5041Groder09.11, 03:10, by Kimerales
Remove the PM restriction for invited players08.31, 21:1248#7490Lord STBs09.10, 16:21, by Woundy
a gold reward for realy good team battles08.30, 22:2722megaorc509.10, 09:14, by blazingarpit
Decrease the FSP for losing09.10, 00:286Kimerales09.10, 01:54, by _TheShaman_
Level-up prizes - gold only08.19, 20:5513Bartek00909.10, 00:22, by Kimerales
Yesterday's leaders08.21, 14:2920#7705-_NO--NAME_-09.07, 13:42, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
set a default troops settlement08.21, 03:248#7110Lord Gangstarr09.06, 06:27, by Yuri_Gagarin
Make some of us happy!07.30, 09:0140Lord Mr_Brown09.04, 19:34, by Lord Mr_Brown
Class restrictions on duel/groub battle setup.09.03, 09:0718Groder09.04, 15:56, by #7153Flour
You are in a combat challenge!08.24, 14:0920Lord Apocalyptum09.03, 21:21, by Lord Hallion91
Chatting set up09.03, 09:353Lord elwin123409.03, 10:02, by matrixsteve
buyer seeks seller version of the marketplace09.01, 23:216#7365stoter09.03, 01:32, by DarwenAward
Card game turnament08.21, 19:1114Jrtikktakk09.01, 09:36, by Albido
Change Name01.22, 06:2238UrbanWarrior08.31, 09:22, by QueenC
Put The Button Afk08.23, 04:0428Lord POSE08.31, 06:40, by puissance
buying parameters(only for HG,TG, MG)08.29, 21:416Lord Apocalyptum08.30, 06:30, by Albido

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