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Topic Date
Author Last message
Shooters in tournament01.12, 15:5022#7181Lord Mr_eee01.18, 16:07, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
2player help in hunt at HG 7.01.18, 10:591naapa9201.18, 10:59, by naapa92
Temporary enchantments01.16, 07:599Geryon01.17, 12:43, by #7181Lord Xerfer
time01.16, 16:397ballommaster01.17, 12:39, by #7181Lord Xerfer
'Search Icon' in Forums01.16, 03:296Lord Reyron01.16, 04:03, by quickuser
artifacts for some factions for level 3 and above01.12, 15:3919monkeychunky01.15, 19:04, by #7181Lord Xerfer
Towers Tournament12.29, 16:2641#7153Flour01.15, 15:49, by monkeychunky
The Holy Crusade01.13, 13:003Xarrior01.15, 15:43, by Xarrior
burst out from hunts01.14, 18:165naapa9201.14, 20:02, by #7181Lord Xerfer
a board for CG01.14, 06:142Lord mega0impact01.14, 07:06, by #4201cakur
Skill Cloak for All factions01.09, 17:3415Xarrior01.13, 13:20, by Xarrior
Arctic needs to come back soon01.13, 06:173quickuser01.13, 06:40, by coolahed
Sound for PM in chat01.08, 11:306GreatNaruto201.13, 04:25, by Lord richies
Adding "Public Services" under map dropdown menu01.05, 17:3218Divit01.13, 00:44, by Nutella
Boost factory wood and ore production01.04, 05:0445Lord ZioBlade01.12, 14:23, by Lord ZioBlade
Password Changing requirements01.10, 00:056XxFaithxX01.12, 10:59, by Lord Sieg_Hart
more map battles and fascanating creatures01.11, 13:465monkeychunky01.12, 10:57, by ChooJeremy
Setting Base Price for Items and Goods!01.12, 05:448Lady Mohini01.12, 10:49, by ChooJeremy
make one more option for the CG fighting01.11, 16:297Gargoylerex01.11, 17:42, by Gargoylerex
asking possibility to block clans from sending mails01.10, 17:484naapa9201.10, 18:15, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Adding some links in...........[pls read]01.10, 16:133Divit01.10, 17:30, by Nutella
Limiting secondary accounts01.05, 18:4020Soturi57001.10, 14:53, by DarkSooth
faction should be changeable after 6 hours.01.02, 06:0931#4201virtual_vitrea01.10, 05:53, by barbarmy
Ecostats to be viewed during travel.01.06, 03:195Lord ZioBlade01.09, 22:50, by DarwenAward
Durablity loss according to Days(Time) instead of No. battle01.05, 11:4530#4201virtual_vitrea01.09, 14:19, by athouba
permanent greathunter licence01.05, 17:106naapa9201.09, 12:06, by sexy_girlz1989
login.php01.08, 18:323ani8801.08, 19:01, by naapa92
Every New Year01.08, 15:083UrbanWarrior01.08, 16:08, by nookyt99
inventory save slots01.08, 11:013ganjakhor01.08, 11:24, by Lord moro88
Clan Guestbook01.01, 05:388Knightee01.08, 10:51, by kingali786

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