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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Error in fight and server11.01, 18:263B_kar11.03, 01:02, by ElfPride
squashman is stuck!10.31, 21:212Lord Tiny_Dragon10.31, 21:31, by Lord Tiny_Dragon
Combat stuck on load10.31, 18:541Lady Khaoz10.31, 18:54, by Lady Khaoz
combat load error10.31, 17:211Lord DickTracy10.31, 17:21, by Lord DickTracy
No Halloween for me (problem)10.31, 08:431Ologhai10.31, 08:43, by Ologhai
error in hunt10.28, 07:181_SAMUSER_10.28, 07:18, by _SAMUSER_
Stucked at GB page10.18, 07:496Lord Kiskoko10.25, 08:27, by Lord Kiskoko
cant hit in tourney10.24, 11:542#7102time_keeper10.24, 16:10, by Vlaer
MG quest10.13, 21:003#4201manufc21999r10.15, 14:10, by #4201manufc21999r
No ST for CL 7-908.26, 13:212Lord Baweja08.26, 15:15, by Lord Lexo
combat function problems08.05, 09:504kilerxx08.08, 22:20, by #4201_Sworks_
Hugely increased Exp02.14, 19:4862#7153Flour08.01, 12:33, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
Combat [ hunt ] problems 2 Months07.04, 17:292Lord exstazzz07.22, 18:40, by KiisuKat
Combat problems05.09, 13:102tipo4ek07.17, 03:01, by ElfPride
Help Please (fight is stopped)04.21, 13:372#7153meomari07.17, 02:57, by ElfPride
Stuck in combat05.09, 05:074Lord dArtagnan07.17, 02:52, by ElfPride
Stuck In Hunt For 2 weeks05.23, 04:562harshnarayan07.17, 02:49, by ElfPride
still hunting for 7 days!05.15, 09:087deathgoal07.17, 02:48, by ElfPride
Higher Moral05.23, 10:474Lord Sharp_Blade07.17, 02:45, by ElfPride
Personalized Avatars for discount05.27, 05:486fatfatty07.17, 02:38, by ElfPride
stun05.27, 12:482Chernobog07.17, 02:36, by ElfPride
Random spell error (Genies)05.29, 04:304Lord Enlightened06.24, 09:49, by Lord Hallion91
Stuck in hunt now05.29, 14:346warrior4906.24, 07:13, by samurai10051998
Technical problem06.18, 09:442#9595Igles06.18, 09:58, by #9595Igles
record in a hunt05.26, 21:431Ukrnekr05.26, 21:43, by Ukrnekr
stuck in a hunt05.16, 08:579wittwolf05.26, 05:05, by LordCyric
record in a hunt05.21, 17:562Ukrnekr05.22, 16:23, by k-n-i-g-h-t
I am still stuck in combat after server crash...............05.08, 15:4718SuperBacon05.15, 13:23, by SuperBacon
Frnd Stuck In Hunt...05.10, 09:2310Lord AkashKing05.14, 02:49, by SuperBacon
I'm still stuck as well05.09, 02:555Shark_wee05.14, 02:45, by SuperBacon

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