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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Tribal Spirit bug01.29, 19:591Fallen Atheros01.29, 19:59, by Fallen Atheros
server event super lag01.22, 21:255Lord vishnus01.27, 05:53, by warrior100
error loading event battle01.20, 16:571Naturef01.20, 16:57, by Naturef
load error01.10, 17:5018exdemons01.16, 19:04, by ElfPride
Blank screen, even with latest version of Flash01.11, 15:388#1209Santremus01.11, 21:52, by vicky666
Combat stuck on loading texture01.10, 16:464#1209Santremus01.10, 20:14, by #1209Santremus
Confusion on Undead troop01.10, 03:191Ajith01.10, 03:19, by Ajith
Bug in fir tree12.29, 16:488Ultimate Mage01.04, 11:26, by Ultimate Mage
Player "Lan3121" is stuck loading a combat12.29, 15:092Lord bogland12.29, 17:00, by Lord bogland
didnt received trinket after victorious battle12.25, 22:284velniukstis12.26, 00:04, by shubhamgoyal
AI hero casts level 4 spell without talent12.24, 09:234#7705Lord Fosgeen12.24, 21:20, by ElfPride
MG battle not loading...12.23, 14:411I_N_S_A_N_E12.23, 14:41, by I_N_S_A_N_E
Chain lightning jumping to farther stack instead of closest stack12.16, 17:076#7705Warlock naviron12.19, 20:23, by #4201Arctic
Swordsman with unlimited Retaliation12.04, 08:361#6311usagabro12.04, 08:36, by #6311usagabro
Lightning spell misses phantom11.27, 19:575Bartek00911.29, 18:56, by Bartek009
Wiverns, Tribal spirit11.27, 13:332mutomba11.27, 13:33, by mutomba
Second hit after getting blinded11.22, 10:252Lord SV2211.22, 10:25, by Lord SV22
Enforcers with unruly bug11.21, 13:242KTL11.21, 14:14, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
Problem with dwarves Rune placement in quick tournaments11.19, 08:491ayush2011.19, 08:49, by ayush20
Something is wrong with the Shadow Barb FSP & ExP gaining!11.15, 13:155ElvishW11.16, 20:36, by vbFifi
ghost11.16, 04:103ok041811.16, 18:18, by ElfPride
royal grif dive bugged in ST11.12, 10:523#1209slayerofall11.12, 19:05, by vbFifi
BIG BUG of the Shadow barbarian insight tournament11.09, 15:104999X11.09, 15:50, by 999X
Lag11.04, 21:534Malice11.05, 20:33, by Poison Ivy
Player "WindFireThunder" is suck loading a fight!11.01, 13:533Lord bogland11.01, 15:59, by Lord bogland
Bug in the initiative bar10.30, 11:3094everurs10.31, 18:50, by B-A-R-B1997
Stuck in battle10.27, 06:032#7705girlcoolline10.27, 11:33, by #7705girlcoolline
Stuck in battle10.15, 11:501ZALL10.15, 11:50, by ZALL
Rock bug?10.11, 02:394Warwick-the-wiz10.11, 14:53, by Warwick-the-wiz
error in tournament battle09.24, 18:391Lord serpav09.24, 18:39, by Lord serpav

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