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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
What is wrong with mad berserker's defense?05.20, 17:074SwiftGirl05.20, 17:15, by #7705Bheem
Lizzard Assilants perform Assault on wrong target.05.10, 19:032AKA05.10, 19:23, by AKA
Goblin Trappers Move 10 Steps on Hydra Rune04.01, 13:452AKA05.06, 10:41, by #15Beliar
loss of last two tiers of troops in a hunting battle04.18, 06:459#1209bp9904.18, 08:49, by Hoxton
2 wizard units not showing in battle04.18, 08:201ElfPride04.18, 08:20, by ElfPride
got stuck in battle after the troops get bursting for more action04.05, 08:511#7279ppt_dragon04.05, 08:51, by #7279ppt_dragon
Probably knockback bug?03.30, 13:482#7705Lynch03.31, 22:39, by randomr1
A bug in the campaign?03.21, 07:042Evergreener03.23, 14:15, by #9595red-ant
Not working Potion of Skill03.23, 11:202#1209latawica03.23, 13:20, by #1209latawica
bug: You are in a challenge03.21, 07:571KOF Z03.21, 07:57, by KOF Z
Survilurgs Battle crashes Flash.03.11, 12:363AKA03.18, 23:55, by randomr1
Quick combat is broken for dwarf03.10, 17:361Brother Lono03.10, 17:36, by Brother Lono
not loading03.10, 17:041#9595Niranjan03.10, 17:04, by #9595Niranjan
AI hero has 8 stacks09.04, 16:069#7705Lawton03.07, 22:40, by Derelict
No ranged damage Effect from Orc tyrant hatchet01.28, 18:094Aipysuimtai01.29, 22:17, by Lord Hallion91
Stuck in battle solution?07.10, 18:143#7490Lord STB12.31, 15:27, by #4201Lord MathProfessor
AI always going defensive in Tournament Battle12.13, 05:456KickButtowski12.15, 07:44, by KickButtowski
Different damage from fireball11.25, 23:562Derelict11.26, 00:11, by Derelict
i don't see troops08.31, 18:1725phonix-werb11.14, 21:58, by simbakitty
battle freezy10.16, 15:523Lord KelThusad10.16, 18:20, by Lord KelThusad
Wachers guild generating imposible battles10.02, 00:0011velniukstis10.11, 09:40, by Lord Hallion91
Shrews not returning03.01, 17:318#7705Lawton09.24, 16:12, by Derelict
Urasary gets luck after first strike and does not hit the target09.17, 07:102#7705Bheem09.20, 05:17, by randomr1
Charmer elf casting lightening even if the creature is dead09.16, 08:265#7705Bheem09.17, 07:06, by #7705Bheem
Stuck in battle - Rayzar's challenge09.15, 21:043Phil_Odaerin09.16, 08:09, by Phil_Odaerin
Troops settlement bug08.12, 13:286#7705D-Rock08.15, 08:14, by Fallen Atheros
CatTail - Stuck in combat08.05, 07:164Vargtimmen08.08, 04:38, by #7279CatTail
Mass confusion no effect07.23, 15:232_uNboRn_07.23, 16:18, by _PlayboT_
Glitch05.13, 17:382#7705D-Rock05.13, 17:38, by #7705D-Rock
Stuck in battle - prison upheaval event05.09, 11:072Phil_Odaerin05.09, 11:19, by Phil_Odaerin

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