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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Impair armor not working vs TDE summoms.11.16, 17:421#1209latviesu lords11.16, 17:42, by #1209latviesu lords
LG: Rocs cannot carry blademasters when playing on mobile11.04, 08:303Ukak11.14, 19:43, by Ukak
Berserker Monster Bug11.14, 16:521Void_Moon11.14, 16:52, by Void_Moon
No Counter Attacks??11.12, 12:252___Nikos__11.12, 16:59, by #7490Meshy
[Multiple Ability Bugs] Treachery and Diamond Armour09.06, 14:015#1209Santremus10.16, 10:04, by #1209latviesu lords
Boss of Dark Elf with Tactics09.03, 18:252AKA09.04, 16:21, by #7490Meshy
Battlefield will not load08.27, 01:091#1597Modi08.27, 01:09, by #1597Modi
Bug with steam tank damage in lg-event08.23, 12:074eConquest08.23, 12:58, by eConquest
Auto button won't let me retake control of troops08.10, 19:253#4201virtual_vitrea08.21, 18:42, by ProZyk
Potion of Skill not working08.05, 09:132TheNoobieOne08.05, 09:17, by TheNoobieOne
Unable to open spell book on troops or lord07.25, 09:052TheNoobieOne07.25, 12:58, by TheNoobieOne
Caster window pop up at the moment of hero turn and cant do anything07.20, 13:451#1209King_Luigi07.20, 13:45, by #1209King_Luigi
LG combat error06.05, 05:254#1597Modi06.05, 15:37, by #1597Modi
interface04.26, 07:322LIKE A BOSS 66605.22, 22:23, by #4201Magier
hero turn skip04.08, 20:322#8502roynov0105.22, 22:21, by #4201Magier
Mountain sentries gets knockbacked??05.15, 10:593Emerger05.15, 17:46, by #1209Santremus
Griffin hunt auto05.10, 15:122#9595merlin3605.11, 10:03, by #9595Igles
[Event] [Dungeon Caves] [Recruited troops not showing up in battle]05.08, 01:573Hello_lwm05.09, 00:33, by Hello_lwm
Normal spell damage on hunts05.01, 07:502HAYATE ARMY05.01, 09:53, by HAYATE ARMY
Auto battle not functioning03.05, 06:302#7490navimaf03.05, 06:30, by #7490navimaf
Resseruction01.25, 21:553#1209latviesu lords02.01, 10:09, by Mega Demon
Thief battle in html501.22, 13:561HammerGoddess01.22, 13:56, by HammerGoddess
Jackal rebirth11.13, 18:144poyk112.05, 10:23, by #9595merlin36
No rebirth.11.13, 18:181#1209latviesu lords11.13, 18:18, by #1209latviesu lords
im stuck in battle for 5 hours11.10, 23:181tassadar324811.10, 23:18, by tassadar3248
CHain lightning10.31, 22:247#5169Yuvraz11.03, 10:39, by #5169Yuvraz
Lucky morale?10.31, 14:423#5169Yuvraz10.31, 16:51, by #1209latviesu lords
Troops in "Secret Operation" not resurrecting!10.30, 06:003#7490Tindios10.31, 01:45, by #7490Meshy
Ini bar changes abruptly10.26, 13:541The One Ring10.26, 13:54, by The One Ring
Phoenixes infinite respawn (but invisible)10.10, 11:0812Dire Khaoz10.19, 19:01, by Aruish

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