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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Phoenixes infinite respawn (but invisible)10.10, 11:0812Dire Khaoz10.19, 19:01, by Aruish
I feel like reporting this issue that after investing real money every time ...10.12, 12:021#7705elven_blade10.12, 12:02, by #7705elven_blade
My battle started without a single troop :(09.22, 14:2918#7705elven_blade09.23, 17:34, by #7705elven_blade
"Animation speed in combat" setting does not work correctly09.22, 13:571Marquis Thornwald09.22, 13:57, by Marquis Thornwald
Strongmen 400 def, no concede button08.23, 22:252Mocos08.24, 00:46, by #7490Meshy
Ricochet shot chain broke.08.12, 11:183__Maiden__08.12, 11:30, by #7490Meshy
i cant do survilurgs it apeears a russian error i cant translate08.09, 17:582Canisten08.09, 17:59, by Canisten
Problem in group battles07.23, 09:2542-Lord of Lords07.23, 17:10, by 2-Lord of Lords
Raised living unit procced bad morale07.07, 14:467Aurelija07.20, 01:05, by Nowar
Combat disappeared07.03, 07:091Santremus07.03, 07:09, by Santremus
Black widow shadow slash12.03, 11:309IComeInPeace06.03, 23:26, by krovak
My Battle in Tomb of sun Event has got stuck/hanged05.01, 20:083#7705elven_blade05.01, 20:11, by #7705elven_blade
Ghouls' "Contamination" not working properly04.29, 10:461Lord Syrian04.29, 10:46, by Lord Syrian
Tribal troops do not lose Spirit when feared by Redguard Ursary03.29, 13:363Santremus04.03, 10:03, by #7490Meshy
Stuck in AG03.26, 08:382Chico03.26, 08:42, by Chico
stuck at an event battle03.26, 03:321RevolutionRebel03.26, 03:32, by RevolutionRebel
Damage output vs hunt03.11, 20:532oHallico03.11, 21:23, by #7490Meshy
Mass Disruption Ray Bug03.10, 07:033oHallico03.10, 13:16, by #7490Meshy
Healing tent02.10, 02:063Fallen Atheros02.12, 22:17, by Fallen Atheros
I CANT WIN GAME02.07, 11:391HACKERMANxd02.07, 11:39, by HACKERMANxd
Cannot melee with Unfettered Cylcop if a goblin is adjacent01.18, 01:464Aurelija01.29, 18:31, by Aurelija
Earth Shaman Impetuous not working as intended?01.22, 15:444Santremus01.23, 05:33, by Santremus
Rain of arrows bug?12.11, 21:005H3LL51nG01.08, 08:02, by #7705death2all
Robber's simple bow bonus doesn't apply to human ambushes01.01, 19:381The One Ring01.01, 19:38, by The One Ring
Unit walks over undermine12.26, 00:352Aurelija12.26, 01:54, by #7490Meshy
Phoenixes bug12.11, 09:322DarkReign12.11, 12:17, by Fallen Atheros
Something tells me Cyclop shamans are broken12.08, 17:281Aurelija12.08, 17:28, by Aurelija
Stuck at event battle11.29, 01:271Fallen Atheros11.29, 01:27, by Fallen Atheros
WG Unholy necro using old racial11.26, 23:351Fallen Atheros11.26, 23:35, by Fallen Atheros
Enemy troop walked through caged troops that were released11.14, 06:2110seanckx11.14, 12:33, by #7490Meshy

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