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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Cannot melee with Unfettered Cylcop if a goblin is adjacent01.18, 01:464Aurelija01.29, 18:31, by Aurelija
Earth Shaman Impetuous not working as intended?01.22, 15:444#1209Santremus01.23, 05:33, by #1209Santremus
Rain of arrows bug?12.11, 21:005H3LL51nG01.08, 08:02, by #7705death2all
Robber's simple bow bonus doesn't apply to human ambushes01.01, 19:381The One Ring01.01, 19:38, by The One Ring
Unit walks over undermine12.26, 00:352Aurelija12.26, 01:54, by #7490Meshy
Phoenixes bug12.11, 09:322DarkReign12.11, 12:17, by Fallen Atheros
Something tells me Cyclop shamans are broken12.08, 17:281Aurelija12.08, 17:28, by Aurelija
Stuck at event battle11.29, 01:271Fallen Atheros11.29, 01:27, by Fallen Atheros
WG Unholy necro using old racial11.26, 23:351Fallen Atheros11.26, 23:35, by Fallen Atheros
Enemy troop walked through caged troops that were released11.14, 06:2110seanckx11.14, 12:33, by #7490Meshy
Titans have more than 5 shots11.14, 10:2137-King of Kings11.14, 11:29, by 7-King of Kings
Combat bug Elite Forest keepers double strike after targets retalitation11.04, 13:003#1209pumpainais11.09, 11:35, by #1209pumpainais
Demon gates outside of battle field11.04, 01:391#7490kakan11.04, 01:39, by #7490kakan
Aperently firewall costs 7 mana now10.31, 23:363Aurelija11.01, 09:57, by #7490Meshy
Crossbow damage over magic wall10.31, 03:131#7490Tatar6710.31, 03:13, by #7490Tatar67
AI can use activated abilities of phantom troops10.29, 17:311Slust10.29, 17:31, by Slust
http://www.lordswm.com/pl_warlog.ph p?id=728205610.15, 13:302STOPP10.15, 13:40, by #7490Meshy
Unfair player level match in commander guild (15 & 16 vs 17 & 12)09.30, 23:232TheKnightsss10.01, 08:59, by TheKnightsss
Problem with numbers and words09.20, 16:033SSH09.26, 09:45, by #7490Meshy
Battlemagi 'careful aim' applied to own troops when shot by enemy battlemagi09.09, 10:226chakkal200109.19, 07:17, by #2473Lord photonics
auto battle button is missing when refreshed.09.07, 19:461PapaBone09.07, 19:46, by PapaBone
Stalker discovered and dragons didn't move12.03, 16:1313Bheem09.05, 22:42, by #7490Meshy
Illogical Monstser quest of MG08.22, 02:3412TheKnightsss08.26, 11:29, by #7705death2all
Multiple treefolk interaction.08.12, 17:352Aurelija08.12, 17:35, by Aurelija
setting for the AI hero wrong?06.09, 01:514#1209bp9906.09, 22:12, by #7490Meshy
my aditional Vrajitoru got stuck in combat06.01, 13:295Tataie06.03, 11:43, by Tataie
Elvish healers don't heal06.01, 01:442Slust06.01, 11:53, by #7490Meshy
Genies Weakness Spell not applied05.27, 16:564JP_Alexander05.27, 17:13, by #17Beliar
Did my green draagon just perform prismatic breath???05.12, 12:475Aurelija05.12, 14:46, by Aurelija
Estimation of dmg of meteorite rain05.10, 15:563Pastak05.11, 13:45, by Slust

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