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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
bugs in blindfold tournament plus09.05, 09:432lostperson09.05, 09:43, by lostperson
stuck battle09.02, 14:143iCrAzY09.02, 17:53, by ElfPride
Install Adobe Flash Player08.27, 16:022history108.27, 18:45, by -_NO--NAME_-
Can' Find My Magic guild 3 Spells In My Spell Book ?!08.27, 06:066ElvishW08.27, 15:29, by ElvishW
You are already in a challenge!06.24, 15:414nima_cruel08.21, 14:37, by cargo456
battle bug08.04, 13:312monu1108.04, 13:31, by monu11
Mass rapid cost only 6 mana instead of 807.05, 22:017velniukstis07.13, 11:47, by velniukstis
Problems with the 110 survival tournament dark elf lv 507.08, 11:552worst_nightmare07.08, 12:19, by ElfPride
Problem with loading a combat.06.22, 16:276-_NO--NAME_-06.26, 17:46, by kushagra5
You are in a combat challenge06.12, 09:295#7705girlcoolline06.14, 20:02, by Purgatory
My hero lightning bolts my own gargoyles06.05, 20:364#4201Zandars06.11, 06:33, by Lord Grunge
Swordsman05.24, 08:264_elf_007_05.25, 10:32, by ElfPride
Problems with the 11th blindfold tournament- plus type05.17, 14:576ANTI-hacker05.21, 03:01, by #1209SirM0rphius
spawn and vermin mana steal in blindfold tourney05.16, 23:5954themassive05.18, 17:01, by Baerchen
got stuck in thief battle...05.06, 10:532#7279ppt_dragon05.06, 10:53, by #7279ppt_dragon
Gender display problem in QT04.16, 17:322RecordMaker04.23, 22:27, by RecordMaker
Two stacks on same spot04.20, 00:397#7490avelox04.20, 03:59, by #7490avelox
another bug: mana goes negative after restore04.18, 10:562#7279TXoBsiDian04.18, 10:56, by #7279TXoBsiDian
bug: stuck in the game04.17, 20:382#7279TXoBsiDian04.17, 20:38, by #7279TXoBsiDian
2 X 3 Undead Crypt Event04.10, 09:277Vampirer04.15, 23:38, by Lady Laitha
bugg04.13, 15:572joaodbe04.13, 15:57, by joaodbe
Bug in event battle03.22, 18:207Lord vishnus04.02, 21:39, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Prayer03.27, 19:442Lord kirrus03.27, 19:47, by Lord kirrus
Minor Bug(s) in Event03.26, 09:411_Huntress_03.26, 09:41, by _Huntress_
speed of golem keep increasing03.24, 14:363first_bloody03.24, 17:34, by Loafoant
Sky Shaman's turn in ambush03.17, 15:162Garudorm03.17, 16:16, by #7705Elrond
bad luck in combat03.07, 21:052abcdefg03.08, 03:49, by FrankMoney
new damage prediction system03.03, 20:125#9595merlin3603.06, 07:31, by Vengeful Spirit
DE AI Issues03.01, 21:479Recora03.03, 15:58, by miker_92
Undefined drain mana?02.28, 07:086#4201Lord DarkAtom03.01, 03:11, by ULTRA_XEROX

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