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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Stuck in battle01.16, 07:469xlaw01.16, 15:56, by Fallen Atheros
Combat not loading01.15, 18:541Wonderla01.15, 18:54, by Wonderla
AI control or AFK - Nothing happened...01.13, 18:524#7705-_NO--NAME_-01.14, 17:12, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
stuck in battle01.02, 17:163#7490gonlador01.03, 09:28, by narutoayan
Mirth spell effect w/ Retribution talent12.08, 12:472Lord Syrian12.09, 15:10, by Derelict
cant hear the sound11.28, 10:406greenbarb12.03, 13:56, by sagarking
necros doesn't die11.27, 16:052Fallen Atheros11.27, 16:59, by XepKazura
Help11.27, 14:505Konan_D11.27, 14:57, by Murali
combat not loading11.07, 14:573great-11.07, 19:02, by great-
Army of tribals11.02, 04:422Jester8911.02, 05:35, by Usbeorn
intimidation aura effect on units away from squashman10.31, 18:1324themassive11.01, 05:13, by Usbeorn
unholy nekro have skeleton archers in squashman battle10.31, 07:2536themulsive10.31, 07:59, by 4themassive
Lizard Assailants. Assault.10.21, 13:271AKA10.21, 13:27, by AKA
Necromancers overwhelming10.14, 21:383ArghyaD10.17, 14:17, by #4201Magier
triumph of death bug?09.16, 12:4824themassive09.16, 12:48, by 4themassive
Dwarf monsters in quest09.10, 01:493PlugInBabe09.10, 11:51, by PlugInBabe
Apparitions kept losing their turn08.16, 22:492Berserko08.18, 20:35, by #1209Arcanide
2 creatures of same faction are Favoured Enemies08.03, 14:293#7705Santremus08.03, 16:31, by #7705Santremus
apparitions with decay lose their turn08.02, 21:201#7490Father PenTus08.02, 21:20, by #7490Father PenTus
unruly - enforcers double strike after blind07.28, 19:524techbarb07.28, 20:00, by techbarb
Vermin didn't steal/steal only a few mana07.11, 10:481Gaara07.11, 10:48, by Gaara
morale glitch in portal of time07.10, 23:361kevin2007.10, 23:36, by kevin20
Mercenaries' guild06.30, 15:124guyddguy07.01, 16:18, by Pankaj_Kalra21
damge display before attacking06.21, 20:453#4201WolfDeath06.27, 02:04, by velniukstis
Stuck in a battle06.14, 20:595#7490RADO06.15, 04:24, by Bfriudo
Bug with magical mine06.04, 17:492hitler194806.04, 17:50, by hitler1948
Wierd Bug Making Perished skel move03.02, 18:408cargo45606.03, 21:26, by #7705Warlock naviron
Stuck in a battle05.13, 09:592Xhuda05.20, 22:22, by Lord Hallion91
Guardian's turn skipped without attacking05.20, 16:156Pang05.20, 22:21, by Lord Hallion91
trap did not close up on orges04.22, 16:456dark tribal04.27, 17:00, by dark tribal

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