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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
unruly - enforcers double strike after blind07.28, 19:524techbarb07.28, 20:00, by techbarb
Vermin didn't steal/steal only a few mana07.11, 10:481Gaara07.11, 10:48, by Gaara
morale glitch in portal of time07.10, 23:361kevin2007.10, 23:36, by kevin20
Mercenaries' guild06.30, 15:124guyddguy07.01, 16:18, by Pankaj_Kalra21
damge display before attacking06.21, 20:453#4201WolfDeath06.27, 02:04, by velniukstis
Stuck in a battle06.14, 20:595#7490RADO06.15, 04:24, by Bfriudo
Bug with magical mine06.04, 17:492hitler194806.04, 17:50, by hitler1948
Wierd Bug Making Perished skel move03.02, 18:408cargo45606.03, 21:26, by #7705Warlock naviron
Stuck in a battle05.13, 09:592Xhuda05.20, 22:22, by Lord Hallion91
Guardian's turn skipped without attacking05.20, 16:156Pang05.20, 22:21, by Lord Hallion91
trap did not close up on orges04.22, 16:456dark tribal04.27, 17:00, by dark tribal
Stuck in a battle04.22, 11:532dziadu04.22, 12:31, by dziadu
Bugged Random Cast: Genie04.21, 12:593#1209Santremus04.22, 06:14, by #1209Santremus
Ogre mage comes back to life several times04.11, 19:212#1209dariel04.11, 19:21, by #1209dariel
loading objects...98%04.09, 06:101andrewstar404.09, 06:10, by andrewstar4
Minor tournament04.02, 23:242messi_roxx1004.04, 18:33, by messi_roxx10
challenge is pending.03.28, 03:382guyddguy03.28, 03:38, by guyddguy
strange AI03.27, 10:362#7279ppt_dragon03.27, 15:08, by #1209Arcanide
ghost hit 4 times in a row03.27, 09:472Bheem03.27, 09:54, by AKA
Cannot load a battle03.17, 10:525Amroth03.17, 16:29, by #1209Arcanide
Why 0 exp. and 0 skill?03.03, 17:206Lord serpav03.09, 20:16, by moro888
Bug - defending on auto03.03, 06:092doominator03.03, 13:30, by moro888
bug results in this fight03.01, 11:413#1209Luanmaca03.01, 12:31, by #1209Luanmaca
Talents not effective?02.26, 06:0210#4201Lord DarkAtom02.27, 06:56, by bbcda
Why talents uneffective in combat02.26, 06:275bbcda02.26, 12:00, by #7490MrBattleControl
hero cast poison on his army02.22, 15:583Bheem02.22, 22:59, by vbFifi
Unruly second hit even after Blind.12.10, 20:152AKA02.04, 14:00, by Poison Ivy
Unruly triggerd after Blind ?02.04, 13:572Poison Ivy02.04, 13:59, by Poison Ivy
????01.31, 14:556Angry Boy02.03, 21:21, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Player "neilc" is stuck loading a combat01.31, 11:452Lord bogland01.31, 13:30, by Lord bogland

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