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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Monster bug.06.29, 13:072SwiftGirl06.30, 11:46, by #4201WolfDeath
Combat error- Magic School Level 3 not detected.06.20, 18:585ANTI-hacker06.21, 15:49, by #4201Magier
Rapture in agony damage06.20, 10:371IComeInPeace06.20, 10:37, by IComeInPeace
portal of time 0 damage06.08, 16:564#4201WolfDeath06.09, 14:06, by #4201WolfDeath
Please help, I cant exit this combat!06.06, 07:515Veer_K06.06, 08:36, by Veer_K
The new mechanism of rapid/delay was a disaster!06.01, 17:4811SwiftGirl06.03, 13:05, by #4201Magier
Magic Arrow damage bug05.31, 15:334divyener06.02, 13:45, by divyener
Elixer of Artful: +1 Attack, +2 Knowledge, +1 Ini not applied in combat.05.26, 18:543AKA05.26, 19:47, by AKA
AI Dark Elf in Quick Tournament05.18, 10:428Veer_K05.22, 20:53, by Veer_K
Bender from Futurama?05.14, 05:354#10886techy05.15, 16:16, by Veer_K
AI Barbarian character in QT having Shadow Barbarian and Fury Barbarian troops05.10, 17:493Veer_K05.11, 13:17, by Veer_K
Darkness demon can gate in QT04.22, 22:334velniukstis05.06, 16:17, by #4201Magier
Liz assault from 3 tiles away04.27, 18:301IComeInPeace04.27, 18:30, by IComeInPeace
Lizard assailant bug?04.24, 01:282#7705Lawton04.24, 01:28, by #7705Lawton
Twilight talent does not apply to Antimagic spell04.10, 23:381Lord Hallion9104.10, 23:38, by Lord Hallion91
hypnotized AI stacks in pvp04.10, 01:122agent_00404.10, 03:45, by randomr1
AI troops "see" invisible stacks?07.26, 15:367Lord Syrian04.02, 16:46, by #4201virtual_vitrea
bug?11.21, 12:4411a100803.23, 14:47, by imsunny
Lizard chargers under temptress control attacking 2 stacks03.23, 14:381imsunny03.23, 14:38, by imsunny
efreet and imps on the same spot - imps don't take damage03.01, 15:241IComeInPeace03.01, 15:24, by IComeInPeace
Ancestral wrath not working02.20, 00:174Fallen Atheros02.20, 21:46, by AKA
Stack disappeared from ATB scale02.12, 04:113Menetekel02.13, 07:38, by Menetekel
cavalry damage02.05, 13:2012#7490Hephaistion02.06, 14:33, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Battle magi aimed shot bug01.29, 22:433Nowar01.30, 04:25, by #7490MrBattleControl
Gltiches12.28, 07:097Angel of Death01.20, 00:23, by Angel of Death
Rune selection menu is goes missing12.28, 23:209Eldric01.05, 02:06, by Eldric
Village Defence12.22, 19:351Awesome 1312.22, 19:35, by Awesome 13
Lava shield12.02, 13:112paladinleader12.02, 13:11, by paladinleader
Unruly + Stun?05.08, 09:2619AKA11.06, 09:59, by AKA
Lost extra unit that did not die in campaign10.28, 16:091Slust10.28, 16:09, by Slust

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