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Combat problems


Topic Date
Author Last message
Troops settlement bug08.12, 13:286#7705D-Rock08.15, 08:14, by Fallen Atheros
CatTail - Stuck in combat08.05, 07:164Vargtimmen08.08, 04:38, by #7279CatTail
Mass confusion no effect07.23, 15:232_uNboRn_07.23, 16:18, by _PlayboT_
Glitch05.13, 17:382#7705D-Rock05.13, 17:38, by #7705D-Rock
Stuck in battle - prison upheaval event05.09, 11:072Phil_Odaerin05.09, 11:19, by Phil_Odaerin
There were no recochet shot when mistresses attacked.05.06, 21:584__Maiden__05.08, 12:22, by RevolutionRebel
problem in recruit count of the AI opponent04.19, 17:2761_THOR_105.04, 10:49, by randomr1
loading stuck04.15, 15:313#7490ayush2004.15, 16:10, by #7490ayush20
Bug in hunt04.14, 15:212Black Fog04.15, 14:52, by Lord Hallion91
Mixed combat03.30, 03:355bulinha0704.12, 12:04, by Aurelija
Bug using rune04.11, 03:353Warwick-the-wiz04.11, 14:33, by Warwick-the-wiz
AI Cheating in Quick Tournaments03.31, 18:432Legend Forever04.02, 17:14, by Legend Forever
Fiends leap while entangled03.03, 12:505Usbeorn03.08, 18:09, by moro888
Stuck in Treasure hunt03.01, 20:472Pionir03.02, 07:55, by siddi1111
stuck in combat03.01, 12:217Pionir03.01, 20:32, by Pionir
Stuck in Treasure hunt03.01, 06:202Lord vishnus03.01, 20:13, by Lord vishnus
stuck in cg battle03.01, 12:263#7490gonlador03.01, 17:12, by #7490gonlador
Spell book not working02.26, 12:585Angons02.28, 15:33, by Angons
Careful Aim not working as intended02.26, 02:362Grunge02.26, 06:21, by #1209Santremus
Boars retaliate before attack02.26, 01:063velniukstis02.26, 02:28, by velniukstis
stuck in battle alec event02.21, 00:014Skoczek02.21, 11:56, by crys41
Your combat is about to start. Please wait! Refresh02.21, 09:131Gaara02.21, 09:13, by Gaara
stuck in battle02.13, 22:087Herko02.21, 00:01, by velniukstis
alec's challenge02.20, 13:592Lord serpav02.20, 16:53, by Usbeorn
Troop Independance02.17, 01:253-Grozen-02.19, 01:27, by -Grozen-
battle problem02.13, 22:332#7490mkland02.13, 22:33, by #7490mkland
Stuck in combat02.13, 22:042Chakkality02.13, 22:04, by Chakkality
Morale burst after gating02.10, 01:511velniukstis02.10, 01:51, by velniukstis
Bugged Battlefield01.19, 13:292Fallen Atheros01.26, 19:54, by Lord Hallion91
Combat not loading12.06, 12:576#9595Niranjan01.17, 05:08, by ElfPride

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