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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
no these are cheap then others in magic guild and tier 4 troops you need 500 gold insted of 5000 gold
Lower lvl buildings are quite cheap anyway, I mean mostly the ones for CL 10-15, that cost many k gold, is it better to build them here or there.
Medals have been awarded from the Steppe war.
and 5 brand new artifact sets (steppe barbarian, inquisitor, light knight, water naga and other barbarian)
Does anyone know what the first blood skill granted from the set of the rebelious barbarian does??? Just curious

The 4 arts i got for war :)
for Edwin1908:

wow amazing. why you get 4?
is all are Shields...?
is all are Shields...?

The first one is a shield and the rest are medals (equipped on neck).
the medals all because i fought 70 battle's
and the rare art no clue :P
Could you write when is .ru birthday so I dont forget to log in for free fsp?
1 march i thought
wow amazing. why you get 4?

i fought 70 too, but not so successfully as you :p, but i only got 2 arts (your 2 & 4)
autobattles on .ru are available again.
Can someone speaking russian tell me, whether it is possible to change character's gender and name there?

I heard this feature was available somewhere(?)

where can i find more info about it? (if available)
for Reinhard-II:
www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=7 - That is who you cntact to change your name. It costs 50 diamonds.

www.heroeswm.ru/pl_sex_change.php - Where you can change your sex. Like on our server, you may only change sex once. Also, like our server, it costs 10 diamonds to do so.
What is the radio feature on .ru?
Players have interviews with the admins on the radio.
for DragonEater: When I went there, some songs were being played, one of the beatles.

I saw some song charts. What are these? Are these songs of the players being aired on the radio?
Mixed tournament
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