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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
I wouldn't delude myself with false hopes .
All the signs shows that the admins don't care about .com .If they were ever seriously thinking about a merger they would make a post, that yes, we are thinking on it - so we keep playing.
Also for a merger .ru should be bilingual, but there are no signs for it.
Even when the war will be over - which didn't started - they will have a lot of stuff to do on .ru : just hink about all these lvl 17 players, soon they will need new stuff for new levels - and they need to be kept playing since probably the high level players bring the most money into the game.
Also couple of changes like warehouses, which will need more work (may be already done). And do to these probably more changes around clans.
Add to that maybe a new playable race after war, and balancing them.

I don't think they have much time for a merger.
I would say less than 5% chance for a merger in this year.
for Kobor:
So we shouldnt think about merge as something that will happen any time soon or ever. This is just an option. But soon it will be a year since the last special event. without merge with .ru and without events this server may fall below a point when it will drastically loose old players without gaining new ones.
i noticed that from lvl 1-3 hunt very often like every 5min..but on lvl 4 get less,is it true?
yes, it is partly true. for details check here: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1861427
As far as I remember, the first time a merge was mentioned, was during some .ru radio interview with one of the admins. And he stated, that perhaps in the spring something will happen. I know nothing more, except that the news were passed here by someone who speaks russian. So I don't even know if that rumour is true, because I have no way of veryfing it with some 100% reliable source, like a post by an admin or something of similar credibility.

Okay, did some digging in this thread, and I think I've found the first time a merge was mentioned on page 185. According to Utochnik .ru admins will consider a merge during the spring. So my guess is not to expect it anytime soon, because even if they decide to do it, that means it'll take some time - to my eye half a year at least (technical preparation, programming, translations, etc).

But on the other hand, we've always received some updates during our server's anniversary, which is about to come in roughly 2 and a half weeks. So perhaps we'll get at least some of the updates from .ru (hopefully many new monsters to hunt and quest, since there's barely anything to do for PvE oriented players, perhaps lvl 16 and some of the new items; maybe even the rangers' guild). For now all we can do is wait.
I read a translated version of the transcript from .ru radio show. It was hard to understand through the translator, but I remember it saying they would consider a merger and it said something about spring. It may of been they will start to consider the idea of a merger in spring.
Or was just a more politically correct answer, saying that they just abandon us would look bad on front of .ru players to.
But yes, i think on anniversary day we will know more (aka if we get one then we still have hope)
This thread is for what is on .ru not a discussion for your feelings about .com or unsubstantiated rumors.
How can our 4201 MC can get a facility of our own? I saw other MCs with tens of mines around...
Even if MCs lose facility to saboteurs, they don't lose ownership.
on DailyWM there is a thread about clan wars:), it is said that current mines owners should beware as soon fights would not be with "stupid" AI, but with real gamers... anyway we don't seem to be ready now , as not many high level players are in the clan...i believe current owners would be prepared for any attepts to takeover.
Mini balance and 18th minor tournament

But I suggest you NOT to join the tourney yet: http://www.heroeswm.ru/war.php?lt=-1&warid=392985700
Tournament cancelled :D
#4201 is growing fast lately, so maybe in the near future we can get a facility.

joined tournament, fought against steppe barbs in the arena. Good fsp / exp ratio
i am hoping for this growth as well:)
They finally started the war against steppe barb
I don't understand their steppe barb ation ability.
I don't understand all the creatures special ability and also what talents the army is using..
I know absolutely nothing about it and Los tmy first battle..... It seemed like certain attacks I normally used in pvp fealty only 20% of normal damage to certain creatures with that funny faction hero ability to drop blood on a creature stack..

Anyone can help translate?

Wow, I got my but kicked. Any advice?? What did I do wrong. I was in full ap. Im the dwarf in the middle. "gonfi"
for mega0impact:
Steppe barbarian heroes can use war cries instead of spells. Here you can see their effects: https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=10400 (but most of the formulas are propably wrong).
Their creatures gain rage points if they attack something, an enemy stack is dead or the hero uses a war cry. If a stack has 200 rage points it will reach blood rage level 1. With 500 points they get level 2 and with 1000 points they get level 3. Each level grants the stack some bonuses (increased stats, new abilities...). The blood rage also absorbs part of all damage.
But I'm only talking about the "real" steppe barbarians, not those barbs from HoMM 6.
for GeraldTarrant:
I think you should try more points in attack and less defense. But else there's nothing more you could do. The creatures of those aztec barbarians have simply to much HP.
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