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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
but you can't view(click) those art ability ... that is very strange :)
ok..it is there(admin) April fool joke..:) winner get 0 exp and 0 fsp and 1 guild point...lol
It should start here on .com too... How I'd like to slit the throat of that miserable herald...
For naviron:
He has to be online :p
ok what about xp table ... can someone explain about it...
prolly not a joke, they're fighting for a place to enroll in
arts lose durability in these fights?
arts lose durability in these fights?

No :)
the artifact don't have a link,a complete prank rofl
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // this is not a recruitment thread]
for Baerchen:
Is this just an April fools thing??

Below are 2 attacks I did.


Is this just an April fools thing??

but what about players who got 1st assasin guild level - like noldor? did they receive those assasin arts? maybe only 5/5 durability - just for april fools event?
I usually dont read the forums are .ru because they are so hard to understand with google translate. I was curious about the assassins guild and read a little bit. It looks like the people that reached guild level 1 did not get anything.
Once you reach level 1 in the assassin's guild, the name of the assassin's guild changes (only when it is displayed for you) into "April's Fool Guild". Got lvl 1 into it.

Also some remarks: you actually don't "assassinate" real players. You play against their armies equipped with their arts, but the character is controlled by AI. And the guy never knew he was "Assassinated"...
Once you killed him, in his profile it writes 'Killed by XXXX until YYYY'. But that only when *you* look at his profile :p
Also, the log of the combats are shown in the combat log (his and yours), but only when *you* look at them :p

All in all a big fat fancy farce. And no, there was no artifact received for reaching level 1 of the April's Fool Guild :))
hi friends can someone translate it into russian.i want to post it on my profile on heroes and google translator is not good.

Translate this:

I have two characters DarkAtom and DarkShadow.DarkAtom is main and DarkShadow is multi.My friend plays on my pc a lot and i too play on his pc a lot.his chracters are DarkAdo and DarkWedo.IP conflicts often.we know rules and wont break them.

plz help thx in advance
i cannot save my profile in heroeswm?any guesses why?
for DarkAdo:
One of the possible reason is that it contains words or phrases that are deemed inappropriate by the game, like profanity, names of other online games or words that are sexual in nature.
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