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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
The quick tourneys are 2x2 "auto" battles. Auto battles are battles where your troops are AI controlled. You simply settle your troops, choose offense of defense, and then your troops move themselves :p

One tourney will have 32 participants. Teams will randomly be selected and random opponents will be chosen. Winners fight each other, then the winners of those fights fight each other and so on... until only one team is undefeated. That team wins.
well any stratergies?
for a de n a knight
Just 2 things i noticed:
tamed minotaurs (com) = minotaurs (ru)
max fsp for caravan lose = half than for win
Have you read an article about illegal financial from russain MC Grail Keepers?
It was related to millions of gold, 2 TGI and at least one estate. Several characters were blocked.
post link please
New Ranges Guild Amulet is awesome, Poor Necro's are happy at last

Amulet giving +2 luck adn 6% ini
Thts osum
Steppe barbarians attack.
what is rangers guild?
it is a guild where you can hunt thieves
it is a guild where you can hunt thieves


plz explain
which is better overall? plz describe each of them
hey theres the new guild of assasins

i need a lil help on what it is
the new guild of assasins

hmm... I feel that it's the April fool's joke ...
hmm... I feel that it's the April fool's joke ... correct..its a joke...:)
for Mohini:

But when I click the "attack" link, the battle really triggers... =/
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