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AuthorEverything about .ru
This is real war, not a mediocre event there. Some palyers will recieve rare arts when it's over.

You will need strong teams and good enchants to win. Previous wars were also tough i.e. Dwarfs and Empire.

Somw factions do better than others.
Would I be more useful to the team if I went as a Mass Holy Caster??? I like the idea, but am worried with the level range being 5-9 and with me being on level 9 that I would not get as much benefit from Casting mass holy on lvl 5-7 team mates. Im also thinking about reverting to all attack and taking 3 defense talents. Any thoughts????
Points for the Empire: 17 633 0 fights: 1/2
" Battle Glory: 14 (of 14 earned)
Damage to the war: 0% 1 30 Sc.
Armor at War: 0% for 25 fv 1.
The initiative in the war: 0% 1 in 27 Sc.
The number of war: 0% 1 in 27 Sc.

What is all of the above?? Battle glory?? How do I use the bonus for extra dam, armour, initiative and troops??? Sorry I struggle to understand everything through the translator......
After eash win u get some glory, u may spend it to increase ur attack defense initiative or troops count (by 1% so u need a few to get more troops)

Damage to the war: 0% 1 30 Sc.
Armor at War: 0% for 25 fv 1.
The initiative in the war: 0% 1 in 27 Sc.
The number of war: 0% 1 in 27 Sc.

sc. is price for 1%
Thanks a bunch. I need to get more glory before I can buy anything. That makes sense now.
five territories have been completely lost to the enemy. This is pretty interesting.
Make that 9 territories, and several are hanging by a thread.

Heh heh heh. This is fun! Looks like it's going to be another loss.
There was an invasion that once took over almost the entire .ru map. But then people started to repel them and claim their territory back. So probably there will be similar shift in the action in this event. Barbarians will invade and then will be repelled (unless .ru admins plan to make players lose the war :P).
Do anyone understand, what is happening now? There is a new message but I could not understand it because of the bad-bad translation (maybe I should translate it to english and not to hungarian)
why they mix Homm6 & Homm 5 barb(stepp) ?
can anyone explain what spells do the heroes cast on stacks? something with a rain of drops of blood...

and each stack in there parameters window displays a big drop of blood that keeps on feeling. initially is something like 100/500. then throughout the battle it becomes 500/500 and it jumps to 500/1000, and keeps on filling... what is that?

oh, and with each damage i deliver to a stack, only part of it is dealed. most of it... vanishes i don't know where, and it says something in paranthesis about the part that is not dealt. where is that going? and why is it not delivered? is it possible to make it so that it gets delivered?

i'm very puzzled by these wierdos barbarians...
for naviron:
It's the racial ability of the steppe barbs (blood rage). When the creatures attack something/ a friendly or enemy stack dies/ the hero uses a war cry (spell) etc. they gain rage points. With 200 rage points they reach the first rage level. With 500 they reach the second and with 1000 they reach the third. Each level grants them new bonuses (increased stats or even new abilities). In addition the blood rage absorbs a part of all damage, but the creatures also lose rage points when they suffer damage.

Here you can see the war cries (spells) available to the barbs: https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=10400
But for now the AI uses only "Call of Blood", "Battlecry" and "Horde's anger".
why they mix Homm6 & Homm 5 barb(stepp) ?

75% of the enemies are Homm 6 barbs. I think they don't fit to this event. I like the real steppe barbs more
The "real" steppe barbarians are simply the orcish horde from homm5 expansion. The other barbs are very similar to them in terms of units. Both have goblins, centaurs, cyclops, and various orcish units. The difference is just in the style. Orcish horde is a lot like ancient Mongols culture, while the homm6 barbs resemble some south-american indian cultures.
Hi. Can players who don't belong to any clan participate in any attacks? If yes, how?
What about knights of the sun? Do I understand it correctly, that now they also entered the fight?
What about knights of the sun? Do I understand it correctly, that now they also entered the fight?

Yes, they own the territory "enemy side"
why do i always have to login to .ru to see those battles >.<
they are exact HOMM 6 creatures of haven
Sanctuary creatures (homm6) have arrived....
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