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for Takesister:

thats not the case.when i press the save button,nothing happens as if it was never pressed. plz help
I have had the same problem. Dont know what the answer is.
hooly mother castles over there are soo cheap
for DarkAdo:
Try to write only numbers. Filter do not check the numbers.
I did encounter similar problems in Chrome (for example can't transfer artifacts over to someone from Chrome with autotranslate on).'show original' doesn't help. And didn't tried with autotranslate completely turned off.

My solution: login to Firefox and do from there that operation
I had same problems i even can't create battle when page translated.. so i use firefox
turn off auto translate it works fine or else use Mozilla Firefox... always happens to me too .. :/
Clans and warehouses
2012-04-10 11:34:15 1
Brave heroes!

Today, the following changes have been introduced in the clan game mechanics:

1) abolished the post of treasurer in non-combat clans;
2) A new post - deputy head of the clan. The Deputy will have all the privileges of the head, except for the transfer of the clan. The Deputy will not have access to the treasury in non-combat clans;
3) Changing the deputy treasurer or the head can once in three days;
4) Removed the possibility to exclude the heroes of the clan recruiters;
5) Ability to specify the reason for the exception;
6) The total number of recruiters are now limited to 5 th. Clans should racformirovat other during the week. A week later, all recruiters will be automatically disbanded at the clans who do not do it alone.
7) The deputy head and added the ability to limit the number of invitations per day;
8) Added the concept of "level of access." Set the head or deputy. Specifies the access rights to the artifacts in the warehouse;
9) Added a new post in the martial clans - the storekeeper.

Now for the stock:

1) Material can be purchased or deputy head of the clan fighting in the building "Join Clan";
2) Initially, access to the warehouse is only available from the capital;
3) In order to access other areas or the Deputy Head to improve the storage, acquiring representation in the right place;
4) Initially, the warehouse can accommodate up to 50 items, but its capacity can be increased;
5) The head, deputy, treasurer and storekeeper has access to the settings of the warehouse;
5) The head, deputy, treasurer and storekeeper can place and pick up items from the warehouse;
6) The head, deputy, the treasurer shall have access to the balance of the warehouse. Gold can be moved between the warehouse and accounts of the clan;
7) Initially, the warehouse does not give artifacts in the lease, the option is enabled by one of the managers;
8) From the artifacts can be assembled kits and hand in their rent;
9) Artifact / kit is ready to rent, if you set the price for a fight and given the level of access;
10) Artifacts are taken on lease by the rule 1 fight = 2:00;
11) The Commission of the Empire for the lease of the artifacts is 1%;
12) Gold fights back for unused, and the commission is not;
13) While the artifact / kit is not returned from a lease, the gold for his use of locks in stock and can not be used;
14) Any Hero clan has access to the rental of artifacts / packages which satisfy his combat level and the level of access to the clan;
15) The hero can not be simultaneously rented stock two artifact in the same slot (two rings are allowed);
16) The heroes who are not in the clan warehouse, do not have access to it;
17) Material from time to time, for me "will attempt to" return the artifacts of the lease, the lease term has expired.

Enjoy martial clans to quickly deal with innovations.

Enjoy the game!
In a battle last night, http://www.heroeswm.ru/war.php?warid=391714476
seems like the dude (with BB set equipped) gains a RG pct.
Admins change something? Usually those 'meetings' looks like a 2 vs 1 PvP fights. Why is different this one?
when a thieve set a trap upon you, and is killed in that fight, although you don't have a help from RG, you get a RG point as usual. Nothing changed in this matter, propably you were killed for first time...
It seems that mining facilities were rearranged and some seem to be under assault. Anyone knows anything about that?
Heroes! The other day, in the rocks of the Empire was discovered obsidian. Mines for its production are already open and waiting for the first heroes in the areas of Dragon Cave, Magma Mine and Bear Mountain. The new resource, in addition to being used in the production of obsidian artifacts is the missing element for the creation of the legendary orihalkovogo alloy - flame hardened obsidian dragons. Thanks to two new resources, long-vacant lands of the Kingdom were built new enterprises for the production of artifacts for the heroes of the high levels of combat. At the moment there is an acute shortage as obsidian and orichalcum. As soon as the necessary amount of resources will be extracted, the artifacts will gradually disappear from the shelves of the Empire, and will be available in the workplace. In addition to entering new businesses, there was a reorganization of all the objects in the Empire. It is known that each district is divided into 16 parts, and now, in every part of this is business. Protection of the area, as before, is engaged in combat on the basis of a clan war with the Kingdom. Several policy change wages in mining, the farther from the center area of the Empire, the greater the wage in the mines. Thus, the number of jobs has been increased, and the density of the characters in the capital should be reduced. Stay tuned!

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[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // off topic]
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // off topic]
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // false rumor . No proof we are merging with .ru]
for BrownBear:
that topic was not created by any admin it was created by extremely rich player player in real life who donates too much in the game.
On ru.

On .com
for GKH:
(S)he doesn't have to be so rich, (s)he just can be somehow related to one of russian admins... (this is BrownBear's idea and unless I know our 'Queen' player I can at least support this idea).
it'd be very nice to find out what admins thought about merging (and the ideas posted in that thread)
Protection areas

Do not have time to dry the ink and paint on the new field map as a whole, it was already strewn with notes about the governor frequent attacks on the imperial enterprise. It would seem that these were the chaotic barbarian raids, which had already occurred and did not carry a particular threat. But the assailants were traced in the actions of certain strategic patterns are usually not typical of this kind of savages. Locations and frequency of attacks, and most importantly - successfully chosen a time when the new equipment gnomes have not even really did not spend working. All this suggests a good awareness of the barbarians and the reasonableness of their actions. But the information to make decisive response was still not enough. Yes, and more priority now was to set up production of obsidian and ammunition orichalcum, for stocks found in the crypts and a half years ago, the artifacts are not limitless. And this is necessary, whatever was to provide maximum protection for each of the Imperial enterprise. But that could further motivate clans to fulfill this important task, rather than a sense of duty? Is that - a sense of duty, backed by gold luster.

Attention all martial clans of the Empire! According to the order of Her Majesty the Empress, with today's business clans for protection, every day, at midnight, the prize will be paid in gold. The amount of such payment equal to 3% of all wages to the protected sub enterprises for the day. If we allow the destruction of the clan is the enemy of enterprise, the gold allotted for the current day with this company, not paid. Clans, while guarding the quarter (North, South, West or East) brings together four sub-sectors shall be paid 5% of wages in the quarter, the company, but for the protected area as a whole (sub 16), paid 7%. Payments will be made from the budget of the Empire, and in no way affect the wages of heroes.

P.S. Martial clans, with no sub-sector in the Empire under his control, will be able to fix it soon. The payment conditions and finally approved and may be changed at any time.
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