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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
Ok, thanks. Where can you actually buy them?


It's the first item in presents
Ok, thanks. Where can you actually buy them?


It's the first item in presents

also,you can see the latest people who got rare item ,here:

March 8th!

Spring - a wonderful time, when nature comes alive after its winter slumber, filled with the scents and colors of flowers under the ringing chirping of birds. Why many beautiful lines were piled about it, but they are all ready in a moment fade just before one glance of those whose beauty is truly divinely beautiful. And this day has always been an ornament of spring and bright holiday decorations for our lives - our lovely ladies. Lovely girl! In this beautiful spring day administration of the game congratulates you on the 8th of March. We wish you, that my heart has always been a spring, and the heart - the warmth of pleasant words from those who love you and appreciate endlessly. Let all the way to a life strewn with flower carpets, and lovely people smile of joy do not leave. To maintain the festive mood, but on this day, prepared the following surprises: - parameter of luck in fighting for all women increased by 1 point; - for everyone in the tavern prepared free holiday drinks - for victory in any battle, you will receive a gift picture, it can be left alone or as a holiday gift to a female protagonist. Gifts-Pictures will remain on my character in two weeks. Happy spring!
wonder if we'll get 8th march event too (3h from now... and 2min)
3rd 2vs2 tournament started.
looking for a level 4 partner in 2v2 tourney. i am dwarf with 3 faction lv. would be best to find elf or knight. pm me
I like the new regular tournaments (like card game tourneys).
-2vs2 quick combats
-you can even join with non-shop arts (hunter, enchants etc.)
for Magier:

once per hour? that is cool... any link for that?
for Liuker:

It's twice per day, at 10:10 and 20:10. You have 10 minutes to join, and then the system creates a number of tournaments depending on the number of people who have joined. One tournament needs 32 players, so if 96 players have joined, three tournaments will be created. If there are extra players, they will be kicked out, so joining at the last minute isn't a good idea :)
i am willing to try tourney with a lvl 3 partner, i am Demon, faction 0 though , i can also switch to Barb faction 1
join english speaking clan on .ru
it's for lvl 5+ players
if you level up -let me know - i have 4lv wizard as well
i won't lvl up on .ru soon

10 enrolls = 1 battle

took me a while to get to lvl 3
Auto-fihgts are great for leveling up. I achieved 2 levels, form 6 to 8, in one weekend, and from 8 to 9 in another. Usually only rolling and hunting from time to time.
I guess there's still no news about the merge? I just hope if it ever comes to that, it's not gonna come down to this server getting closed and then .ru becomes bilingual and everyone here is welcome to start over from the scratch there ;)
for Phil_Odaerin:
I hope the same

News about the steppe barbarians:
How caravans on .ru get weaker? The more AP you have the weaker the caravan will be when you lose? Or is it like on our server where it's always the same for every battle?
is there any pattern in streght of Ranger guild "thieves"? Seems to be quite random...moreover that is a propability of having a battle with real thieve?
hey friends,

I just started to play on that server

I tried those quick tourneys,they were wierd

can somebody tell me how they function n y i cant control my troops
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