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AuthorEverything about .ru
It's the Empire's new holiday - Valentine's Day. And even with all the alarming rumours that went on the past few days, the dim light of the magical aura echo through the air. The magic of love hovers everywhere, captivating the hearts and souls, and encouraging the actions that are worthy of poetry.

This is the best time to acknowledge those who are in love, to strengthen the sense of love in those that the heavens have intertwined forever, or just express your warmth to all those on the roads. It would seem that no one can resist the charms of everlasting feelings, whether the romantic or the rough barbarian, elf, dwarf, or an ardent cold necromancer. But once again those in whose hearts the flame of burning hell resides, and whose souls are strewn with ashy carpet expanses of hell have returned.

Heroes! Demons from hell once again trying to derail our holiday. Apparently, their past experiences have not taught them anything, because they have once again robbed a caravan of valentines, and this time they even had the nerve to demand a ransom for them! But the Empire will not negotiate with the kidnappers, and calls upon all the characters from 3rd level onwards to put on their artifacts, and to fight the demons in their camps in Dragon`s caves and Magma Mines. In the case of a victory over the enemy, one will be able to give another hero of the opposite sex a valentine. Those who do not want to spill blood in this bright day, may try to negotiate with the demons and just buy their valentines.

By tradition, the heroes who have received the greatest number of cards, will be named Valentin and Valentina Empire. In the calculation will involve only signed greetings, they also get the information about a character player and stay there for a week.
Monsters chat with you during combat!

this is new?here also u can chat with monster..
There was some stupid troop rebalancing, and now i get half the skeletons that i used to with my necro. :<

for me the www. adress does not function anymore, only the qrator. adress...but there are no pictures, so I cannot see enroll codes...someone could help me with sending the actual enroll code? Tomorrow I could not work there at all...
http://www.heroeswm.ru is working
Minor tournament and faction balance
+1 Unicorn
+1 Ogre
+9 Skeleton

All for lvl 15's
Seems that DE, ELF and ? got slightly more troops, and ? slightly less in this recent faction update
Minor Tournament and balancing

Valentine's day turned out to be "Hot", but the festival was still a success, celebrating too all that is heroic. A unique interweaving of spirit eternal, young love and good old rivalry, adorned with feats of martial arts in the name of the immortal feelings for loved ones. The best combination that ever was. In the meantime, bards sing their songs of this theme, inspired by the heroic actions of the heroes who are eager for the fight. That's just like a ghost fighting the enemy that hides in the fog. So, all was not in vain, given such enthusiasm, the governor Grammy has declared with a new decree on the restructuring of the heroes' army and announced the start of the 17th Small Tournament. Heroes' Small Tournament once again invites everyone to take part in a series of 1 on 1 battles with opponents of your level before the whole empire. Waiting for you is gold and glory, a large number of faction and Commanders' guild skill points . And the best of the best will be honoured with a unique tournament achievement.

There was also carried out a small balancing of factions' armies . All the characters is recommended / required to visit the tab "Recruitment" and check for changes to your army numbers.

May you have spectacular fights!
Dwarf level 11 has + 1 bear
lvl 13 DE: one extra mino
lvl 6 necro: 1 extra skellie and 1 zombie

One victim of the valentines: http://www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=3277990
"02/14/12 23:31: The player is locked. / / Mat, porn in the photo" (google translation)
where the list of all .ru clans?
I'm just wondering - anything new about that servers merge, that was mentioned few pages ago?
can somebody explain the medals in heroeswm
for Phil_Odaerin:
Nothing so far.
can somebody explain the medals in heroeswm
They are achievements for some of the many war against factions there have been on .ru.
Can someone who knows Russian help me?
1.Can smone tell me what are options in the page with some options to be selected before starting the game? I understood one is option to select one of the 3 maps. What are the other for?

2.What are the green & red "up" buttons available in those building like druids, mage...?
2. green upgrade the towers. red dunno.
1.Can smone tell me what are options in the page with some options to be selected before starting the game? I understood one is option to select one of the 3 maps. What are the other for?

1st column, bottom left is 3 maps
2nd column, bottom middle is difficulty easy(top), medium, hard(bottom)
top right in order:
show losses
show blood

2.What are the green & red "up" buttons available in those building like druids, mage...?

green is the speed upgrade
red is the power upgrade
there is also a purplish power button to turn on/off
Thanks very much!
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