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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
does any one has a translation of special abilities present on .ru?
AI has been updated.
Any script availabe 2 transfer .ru server pages 2 english ?
The google chrome translator is plain shit
It ether 2 slow or does nt work
Does someone, have map travel, map refresh scripts?
AI has been updated.

how? any detail?
have map travel
that script is illegal now on both, their and our, servers
how? any detail?

If it's useful, the AI may now wait and defend, even if it could move near an enemy or attack.
Heroes! Now is a holiday! Do you play our birthday - today, March 1, 2012, we executed exactly 5 years . During this year there was a lot of changes, and more innovations in store for us in the coming year, we will certainly please you. Therefore, despite the past year, the game is just beginning to develop, and goes up! We are grateful to all players who are with us for many years, and those who play not so long ago, everyone who is helping to develop the project and make it interesting with his presence. Thanks to all of you, the heroes of the world is improving day by day, and remains a great place to relax . In honor of the holiday, as of today: 1. In the store there , "Caskets of gifts" , which are bought and opened, you will receive a random item - an artifact from a store with high strength, the element to modify the artifacts, ability, or even a fraction of the rare artifacts. Of course, the more the cost of the gift received is less than the cost of the casket, but there is a chance that it would be really expensive thing. Moreover, the casket will be issued free of charge to any hero, as a token of gratitude for every 10 purchased diamonds at a time, 2. new colorful design of the home page of game; 3. The market exhibits unique artifacts , the auction will last for several days. to the holiday was brighter, but today - March 1: 1. free energy drink in a tavern ; 2. For players on the third level of the five gifts to choose from : the ability to faction, unicorn, gold cards, gift artifact with information about the owner or licensed master hunter. And the strength of the gift and the amount of skill is directly dependent on the number of "combat" day hero 3. Quick battle 4 on 4 battles in a group (self-fights) 4. Fast 2x2 commemorative tournament without limitation to Kill (self-fights). Do not miss your chance to earn gold and a unique achievement in the character information. Tournaments available to players from the third level of combat and will start the day at 10 and 40 minutes each hour. How fast is similar to tournaments with card tournaments in the tavern; 5. Unlimited number of changes of the fraction of the day. Do not miss the chance to take as much as possible the achievements of each fraction; 6. Holiday potion of oblivion in the store ; 7. Bonus to skills obtained 20% 8. To this day you can have a good rest - available in all the battles the button "Auto Battle" (appears after placing in the bottom right corner of the battlefield.) Happy holidays! Hooray!
[Post deleted by moderator Lexa // ]
Wow, the new homepage design really looks sharp! Seems many of the factions got penciled into the background, which is kind of sad, but that demon looks awesome, and the flurries of snow in the foreground, with tattered banners flapping gently in an otherwise-invisible breeze in the background, very well done.

Also nice that the screenshots are upfront with a little cycle-through button. Should encourage more visitors, I hope.

Say, only 2 more months 'til the 4th anniversary here, maybe we will get some upgrade.

If not, at least the autobattle, and gifts and whatnot. The autobattle is pretty fun.
Did anyone else buy caskets.

I got Steel cuirass 90/90
Witch shoes 75/75
Pendant of despair 70/70
I also got some Faction skill points. I think it only gave me 1 fsp. Google translate is sketchy.
I figured it would not be worth the money but I was curious (-:
My multi also got a flame helmet 90/90, but I am about to abandon that account so it doesnt really matter
wowa O_o what happened to that game it looks completely different, the main page
uhm... how can 3 out of 6 people be afk in an auto battle group battle thing?
Gerald you are lucky! i only buy one with my alt and inside was a luck amulet (35/35), kinda useless...
bought one casket "just to be part of the event" , got fern flower xD
i have got 2 elements, one skill point and 2x steel helmet 85/85 - i would like to exchenage it for other usefull artifact with good durability, anyone?
Does anybody knows what's the probability to loot artifacts at CG 1, and by which amount it increases in higher levels?

Just to know, how much those "casket" cost? What is that exactly? A lottery made just for the anniversary?
Just to know, how much those "casket" cost? What is that exactly? A lottery made just for the anniversary?

Its a luck box,can contain anything from element to shop and rare arts
no,it permanent
Ok, thanks. Where can you actually buy them?
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