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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
Demons come and the war ends -_-
those wars ended so much faster on .com , we didnt even get the announcements...
The war had a end. Now let's hope they put something here too. Coincidence it ends 2 days before our anyversay?
Today there will be an interview with Maxim (adm) on the radio at 18:00 russian server time.
Heh, I wondered what is his voice but it is somehow computer-modified or what.
lol what was the interview all about? any good news about .com ?
Most is about .ru. But Maxim also said something about the merger. It won't happen soon, but the merge of the servers is definitely the long-term aim.
long-term aim.

Arctic also mentioned about this about 1 year ago, he also said it's a long-term aim. Probably it means we have to wait for years...
Maybe this is a sign: http://www.heroeswm.ru/clan_info.php?id=6000
Long-term aim? It can mean 3-4 years but 10 years as well (I would say 3-4 years are really possible) but what we need is not a merge, maybe just few upgrades to approach the russian version, for example new TG system, rangers guild, dwarf faction, soon 16th level (I think 17th level for our server is not possible even in 4 next years) and some interesting events (no one-day events) at least 4-5 times a year. It's not neccesary to have all the russian server's upgrades in one day but within a year it would be good. However if there is nothing new since tomorrow I think lot of our veterans (no just top level players) will rather leave this game.
This topic will soon be obsolete, we're getting our asses hauled to .ru in a few months.

Yes yes, not a rumour, official anniversary announcement. If it works out, that is.

It's a bit of a shame that we won't get to relive the past wars of .ru in here. How many did they have, dozens? And we had what, 3?
18th Minor Tournament started today.
so those new beasts on .ru are already available for hunting?
You mean the creatures from the war? No, they aren't available yet.
.ru is so lucky minor tournament started within 1 week of the event end
what are the element prices at .ru?
what are the element prices at .ru?

Most are lower than here, if that's what you're asking ;) It varies a lot more than here (for example if there is a war anticipated) so it's hard to state the average prices. Here are the current (lowest) market prices:

Witch Bloom: 120
Viper Venom: 146
Abrasive: 215
Toadstool: 306
Fern Flower: 999
Meteorite Shard: 1454
Fire Crystal: 1465
Ice Crystal: 2336
Tiger's Claw: 2400
Wind Flower: 2691
Moonstone: 5598
Hi, do you know if castle buildings prices are same here and there or different? If it is different where is it cheaper?
Castle building prices are the same.
i think lower level buildings are cheaper on .ru
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