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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
for Blastimuttin:
bless is critical important for crossbowmans(2-8 damage default). So you need magic guild lvl 1 at 8 level
I just leveled up to level 8 and I was wondering what the best troop configuration should be. Should I max out on Monks or go with more griffins, swords, and crossbows? I would like some advice from more experienced knights. Thank you.
for Javi:
Monks should be max, then Griffins OFC, they are the strikers and I think the most important part of slow Knights .. ^^ Try to max X-bow then and then Swordsmen .. ^^

Do not forget to ALWAYS protect ur shooters with swordsmen .. ^^ swordsmen just set to defence and defence ... ^^ griffins to attack (open holes), then X-bow and monks the finishers ..

Be careful with these I hate most creatures when playing Knights : Shrews and Grand master bowmen .. ^^
hey im just wondering, should i stick with putting the stat into def, or change it to attack

before xbow, i used defense, and after getting xbow and monk, i changed to attack. this worked fine for me.


there're always difference situations to use difference troops. you may need to change talents and troops quite frequently.
if a griffen is attacked by some thing with dooube attack does it retalliate both hits or just one
for xxaxx:
once, after the first hit
I Just Change Faction From Necro To Knight On Level 6
What Talent Should I Use ?
for emperor_1:
basic offence+battle fury i think are best
But I Will Have A Small Troop Only
So What Other Suggestion ?
First for KAMAZ:

basic+battlefury = 9+9 = 18
lvl6 = 10+5 = 15
18 > 15 ! Not possible!

Emperor_1 I suggest you use one of these combinations:
Luck+escort (10+5 = 15)
2 Morale (7+7 = 14)
Morale+Rally (7+7 = 14)

I wouldn't tend to use the last one, but it seems many people use it.
It's a long time since I was lvl 6

I correct myself:
I have used Morale+Rally alot in lvl 6, thus it must have seemed good to me at that moment or rather I had not many choices.

You should look how many creatures you get from rally and decide if it is worth the pick for you.
How About Escort + Basic Offense ?
Cause I Think Its Useful
# 282 (Javi) if you go back to around post 250 in this thread, there is a discussion started about your very question. The short answer is that there is no perfect troop setup that will work at all times. Sometimes max monks/griffs/and then xbows is best, but other times max swords instead of xbows is better.
thanks, sungor. I'll take a peek at that. It's all just a matter of trying different things out and finding out what does and doesn't work.
my friend say that the knights have no future.is it true?
for Blastimuttin:
my friend say that the knights have no future.is it true?
Totally wrong!!!!!!

Altough most players are going for DE because they have shrews and all!
But they can be killed easily by crossbowmen
Every faction is made equal
Each has it's advantages and disadvantages
A true knight and a good player can also make a way out of hell
other faction would be easy but if you know how to play then there is no difference
my friend say that the knights have no future.is it true?

i would say it depend on what you try to be...

unlike HMM, LWM has limited troops size. hence, your major strength is come from low tier units.

compare to most of the faction, knight low tier wasnt that good.

we dont have some fast unit like rouge;
we dont have area dmg unit like fearies, efk;
we dont have fast range unit like orc, elven bowmen;
we dont have good melee like wolf and demon;
we dont have mass unit spam like skel bow and demon.
we dont have spell dmg like wiz and DE.
we dont have massive troops like gated unit and summon phantom

if you prefer any of those above, you shouldnt be knight, feel free to go other faction :)
we dont have plenty of things, but you're going a tad overboard :)

Knights most certanly have massive troops. It's a faction that's all about meat after all =)
Elves Have the most complete abilities I think .. I have been playing knights since July last year .. And I think it is DAMN SO HARD to play knights .. but I am trying to master it .. So much fun with knights .. I think Knights have the least complete abilities .. Almost no magic (for desctructions), no fast units like Shrews (not rogues, coz griffins overpower rogues), no area damages except bowmen .. but bowmen USUALLY die first .. ^^

And one think to remember to all my Knights friends, that knights are the SLOWEST units at this game .. then the DEFENCE is the most important to take I think .. U will always be attacked first .. ^^

Wanna ask question too, any ideas to kill DE brigands level 3, hard to kill the Hydras ..


Thx a lot

Best regards,

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