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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy

man, you quote the previous post which i make the long link LOL

anyway, killing swordsmen, do you think xbow is better than recruit at such case? ;p

the point: max xbow is not a universe golden rules for knight @@
i love escort.
in pve, there are pattern of attack, and AI follow that pattern.
if you stay with knight long enough you know what the AI will do.
just escort the right stack.
But in pvp,player try to avoid the escorted stack (i think).
escort may useless untill you have only one stack.

My conclusion is escort work well in pve not pvp.
And with escort, forget about magical knight, be attacking knight.

true, player might avoid the escorted stack with MELEE. and, they will aim it with range, spell or hero attack.

on other word, escorted stack might die even faster.

escort NEVER work after lv6 in PvE, especially in big hunt.

imagine that you are deal with 2 stack of 1k imps. even 1 attack doesnt kill entire escorted stack, but i bet it already lose most of units. do you really think the escort make sense atm?
you are right about a large stack of low level creature.
i forget about them because i always pass them by.
it's true that large stack is hard to die, and it can easily kill you.
it this case it's useless

But in MQ it is still useful e.g escorted unit vs shrews.
There are still small stack in MQ at my lv (2)
and about 20 hit from hero is better than nothing ^_^
If this will help someone,here is few setups for vanguards:

MyDoom[9], vs Vanguard of knights {11}

MyDoom[9], vs Vanguard of dark elves {10}

MyDoom[9], vs Vanguard of wizards {22}

If anyone have other suggestions please post it.
I just got horribly beaten in my last hunt against 1110 hobs. Here is the battle link:
Can someone show me where I might have some mistakes and give me some tips on how to improve my game?
i didn't see lots of mistakes.
maybe your placement at the begeinning: you lose 1 turn for your recruit to move and protect bows.
after that, you lost 1 attack with griffin (when you had only 1 griffin left)
your griffin had 2 moves before hobgoblin's turn, you could have attacked on 1st move, then blocking bows on 2nd turn...but it makes a small difference, maybe 5-10 more hobgoblins killed.

1110 is a huge number: nearly the hunter record.
to do this hunt, skill is needed, but not enough.
you need to be lucky too.
at the end of your fight, if the biggest stack of hobgoblins didn't had morale, and if you had 1 or 2 more stuns with your swords, you would have won this battle.
Your setup was wrong!You should split up your bows in the future to get more moves with swords because their initiative is low.
my opinion is about the first move of your swordmen.
you move them to 5:3, my suggestion is move to 5:2 and then move griffin to 5:3 to block other 2 hobs.
why this is wrong? Because the 3rd hob may attack griffins instead of swordmen
from your action, you lose 18 sword with nothing in return
With the block of grigffin ,at the end of this turn you may lost just a few or remain full of sword.

You may win
thanks guys. I'll keep ur suggestions in mind in future battles.

Any ideas against Elves-Brigands ?? hard to kill them .. the griffins will not do max damages .. only kill 1 druid at the first turn .. ^^
Don't split bowman against the sprites/faeries they will hold longer and the elven bowman/GMB will shoot at them if there are enough bowman left - more time for your griffs.
Put the main bowmanstack in the upper right corner and the single recruit in the lower right.

Don't send your griffs to the side your swords can reach. Attack the elvenbowman/druid package in the other corner.
+ Use your talents!
You had escort why don't you use it on griffs if they will be attacked by so many sprites/faeries stacks?
agree with 273 escort can kill many
escort griffins then swordmen

and my plan is
1. set griffins down to one group as you did.
2. set swordmen up to another group not follow the griffin down.
3. left your bowmen to the farie/sprite unicorn and treefolk.

Nice .. I used Escort, but not working very well ... BUt I still won it .. ^^
Randhy, Randhy what should we do with you!?

First turn with your griffs - why do you attack the druids on 2:1???
Attack the druid stack on 2:2 and your griffs can attack the GMB next time they have their move. Who is the most disruptive enemy unit? Right it's the elven bowman and GMB, so kill them!!!

Only to show you who is important - first round damage to your bowman:
16 fks deal 32 damage
16 GMB deal 24+30 = 54 damage (long distant!!!)

You then attack the fks and killed them (with luck), instead you could have killed the GMBs (even without luck you would have killed about half of them) if you killed the other druid in your first turn. GMBs dead - first problem solved kill the bows next with your swords.

You should have attacked the tree in the end and not run to the two druid and one GMB stacks. The outcome was you couldn't attack the GMBs and stand on close range to get the full damage. If you had attacked the tree you could have struck twice and killed the tree for one retaliation.

To Escort:
I say escort is not the most favourable talent in most situations, but that's a battle were escort was pretty useful for you.
Although you made additional damage to other units with escort the major thing were it against the faeries/sprites. Let's take a look at them: there were 39 faeries and 10 sprites on the board, you killed 6 of the faeries with an attack of your griffs - the rest was killed by escort!!!
Not useful I doubt it!
have any problem if i don't built magic guild?
for Blastimuttin: No .. it depends on ur tactics .. for me defence is more important .. coz Knights are the SLOWEST units .. ^^ U can bless Griffins .. with ur magic guild level 1 if u have offensive tactics ..
what does training chambers do? it says that it increases the amount of troop i am able to recruit but i see no difference.
Training chambers is like an upgrade centre. It allows you to upgrade farmers/recruits into bowmen and swordsmen. The amount that you can upgrade depends on your knight racial skill level. The higher it is, the more you can upgrade.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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