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Topic Date
Author Last message
Tamer Dark Elf insight tournament06.28, 04:231Empire06.28, 04:23, by Empire
The Grand Contest06.07, 07:481Empire06.07, 07:48, by Empire
Summer Bonuses for Labourers06.02, 05:071Empire06.02, 05:07, by Empire
Changes in Necromancy and Army Recruitment03.23, 17:541Empire03.23, 17:54, by Empire
Introducing Campaigns!03.22, 17:461Empire03.22, 17:46, by Empire
The Portal of Time is opened!03.17, 20:561Empire03.17, 20:56, by Empire
Interclan Warfare Changes03.17, 20:551Empire03.17, 20:55, by Empire
Ninth Anniversary03.01, 00:001Empire03.01, 00:00, by Empire
Empire Defender Day!02.23, 00:001Empire02.23, 00:00, by Empire
Happy Valentine's Day!02.14, 00:001Empire02.14, 00:00, by Empire
Survilurg Encampments02.11, 19:331#4201Arctic02.11, 19:33, by #4201Arctic
New Year 2016 Festivities12.31, 00:001Empire12.31, 00:00, by Empire
Christmas event12.24, 00:001Empire12.24, 00:00, by Empire
Special Christmas Offer12.20, 12:041Empire12.20, 12:04, by Empire
Halloween 201510.31, 00:001Empire10.31, 00:00, by Empire
Watchers' Guild update10.30, 09:331Empire10.30, 09:33, by Empire
Campaign Completed10.26, 08:561Empire10.26, 08:56, by Empire
Castle Siege10.17, 09:461Empire10.17, 09:46, by Empire
13th Paired Tournament Plus10.01, 08:561Empire10.01, 08:56, by Empire
Rayzarís Challenge09.15, 05:301Empire09.15, 05:30, by Empire
Mixed Tournament Plus!08.25, 12:101Empire08.25, 12:10, by Empire
Minor Tournament!08.14, 11:101Empire08.14, 11:10, by Empire
Watchers` guild08.13, 05:121Empire08.13, 05:12, by Empire
Portal results!08.04, 05:361Empire08.04, 05:36, by Empire
Portal sustained!07.30, 07:251Empire07.30, 07:25, by Empire
The Portal of Time is opened!07.23, 09:501Empire07.23, 09:50, by Empire
The Portal of Time is coming07.23, 07:201Empire07.23, 07:20, by Empire
Battles with the Pirates07.03, 06:571Empire07.03, 06:57, by Empire
Battles over taxes06.19, 03:131Empire06.19, 03:13, by Empire
Mini-balance06.08, 10:501Empire06.08, 10:50, by Empire

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