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Topic Date
Author Last message
Christmas event!12.24, 00:001Empire12.24, 00:00, by Empire
Paired Tournament ++12.20, 18:131Empire12.20, 18:13, by Empire
Rewarding!12.18, 14:261Empire12.18, 14:26, by Empire
Hunter's reward!12.07, 14:521Empire12.07, 14:52, by Empire
Underground Caves12.07, 14:571Empire12.07, 14:57, by Empire
Special Winter Offer!12.03, 09:101Empire12.03, 09:10, by Empire
New Hunting Season!11.29, 07:361Empire11.29, 07:36, by Empire
A Special Challenge for Leaders11.20, 14:251Empire11.20, 14:25, by Empire
The raid are over11.18, 20:281Empire11.18, 20:28, by Empire
Ancient ritual11.08, 13:421Empire11.08, 13:42, by Empire
Reward!11.05, 02:411Empire11.05, 02:41, by Empire
Halloween 201910.31, 00:001Empire10.31, 00:00, by Empire
Mystery mission10.25, 22:391Empire10.25, 22:39, by Empire
Special offer!10.25, 11:231Empire10.25, 11:23, by Empire
Minor Tournament ++10.10, 09:031Empire10.10, 09:03, by Empire
Insight Tournament - Dwarf of Fire10.05, 12:221Empire10.05, 12:22, by Empire
The Fire Clan09.25, 13:391Empire09.25, 13:39, by Empire
The raids are over.09.24, 06:491Empire09.24, 06:49, by Empire
Pirate’s raids09.12, 08:411Empire09.12, 08:41, by Empire
Special autumn offer!09.12, 00:001Empire09.12, 00:00, by Empire
Minor Tournament ++08.29, 09:161Empire08.29, 09:16, by Empire
Victory!08.14, 06:392Empire08.14, 06:39, by Empire
Survilurgs in the castle!08.02, 12:311Empire08.02, 12:31, by Empire
Tactical Leaders' Tournament07.31, 23:141Empire07.31, 23:14, by Empire
Portal results07.29, 12:221Empire07.29, 12:22, by Empire
Leaders' Tournament 307.25, 20:451Empire07.25, 20:45, by Empire
Tournament Leaders and Special summer offer!07.19, 12:281Empire07.19, 12:28, by Empire
Portal of Time Opens!07.18, 10:431Empire07.18, 10:43, by Empire
Award!06.29, 15:481Empire06.29, 15:48, by Empire
Raid06.22, 08:061Empire06.22, 08:06, by Empire

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