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Topic Date
Author Last message
Mixed tournament plus08.19, 18:071Empire08.19, 18:07, by Empire
Experiment is over!08.19, 10:501Empire08.19, 10:50, by Empire
The Great experiment08.07, 14:251Empire08.07, 14:25, by Empire
Special Summer Offer08.01, 14:241Empire08.01, 14:24, by Empire
Victory team Manticore!07.16, 19:421Empire07.16, 19:42, by Empire
Great contest!07.04, 14:001Empire07.04, 14:00, by Empire
Rewarding06.29, 15:441Empire06.29, 15:44, by Empire
Underground caves06.24, 10:551Empire06.24, 10:55, by Empire
Portal results!06.20, 21:351Empire06.20, 21:35, by Empire
Three days of bonuses!06.16, 08:391Empire06.16, 08:39, by Empire
Portal of Time Opens!06.09, 12:111Empire06.09, 12:11, by Empire
Summer Bonuses! Rate06.01, 00:001Empire06.01, 00:00, by Empire
Mini-balance05.24, 09:561Empire05.24, 09:56, by Empire
Interclan Warfare Changes05.23, 15:341Empire05.23, 15:34, by Empire
Minor Tournament Plus!05.12, 14:241Empire05.12, 14:24, by Empire
Changes in mechanics05.12, 12:531Empire05.12, 12:53, by Empire
Settlement Defence04.26, 00:421Empire04.26, 00:42, by Empire
Paired Tournament Plus03.13, 18:141Empire03.13, 18:14, by Empire
Women's Day03.08, 00:001Empire03.08, 00:00, by Empire
10th Anniversary!03.01, 00:001Empire03.01, 00:00, by Empire
Portal of Time Opens!02.09, 17:281Empire02.09, 17:28, by Empire
Pirates Crushed!01.31, 19:562Empire01.31, 19:56, by Empire
Milestone Survival Tournament01.25, 19:451Empire01.25, 19:45, by Empire
Pirate Hunt!01.19, 23:441Empire01.19, 23:44, by Empire
New Year 2017 Festivities12.31, 17:301Empire12.31, 17:30, by Empire
Villages are safe again!12.29, 02:441Empire12.29, 02:44, by Empire
Christmas event12.24, 00:001Empire12.24, 00:00, by Empire
Village Defence12.21, 18:141Empire12.21, 18:14, by Empire
Three days of bonuses!11.04, 11:381Empire11.04, 11:38, by Empire
Halloween Event Over11.01, 20:111Empire11.01, 20:11, by Empire

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