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Topic Date
Author Last message
The experiment has ended!12.20, 10:421Empire12.20, 10:42, by Empire
Great experiment!12.10, 13:271Empire12.10, 13:27, by Empire
Results of the portal!12.10, 13:241Empire12.10, 13:24, by Empire
Portal of Time Opens!11.29, 10:131Empire11.29, 10:13, by Empire
The Raids Have Ended11.26, 12:221Empire11.26, 12:22, by Empire
Mixed battles in CG11.26, 11:551Empire11.26, 11:55, by Empire
Special november offer!11.18, 00:001Empire11.18, 00:00, by Empire
Pirateís raids11.17, 16:161Empire11.17, 16:16, by Empire
Chat11.17, 12:521Empire11.17, 12:52, by Empire
Reward!11.15, 16:071Empire11.15, 16:07, by Empire
Mixed tournament plus11.12, 13:501Empire11.12, 13:50, by Empire
Punitive expedition11.06, 13:161Empire11.06, 13:16, by Empire
Rewarding!11.05, 17:271Empire11.05, 17:27, by Empire
Best Squashmen 202011.01, 18:571Empire11.01, 18:57, by Empire
Halloween 202010.31, 00:001Empire10.31, 00:00, by Empire
Underground Caves10.28, 11:041Empire10.28, 11:04, by Empire
Leadersí Reward10.27, 19:421Empire10.27, 19:42, by Empire
New buildings10.23, 10:281Empire10.23, 10:28, by Empire
Leader's Guild Sale!10.19, 00:001Empire10.19, 00:00, by Empire
Secret raid!10.17, 12:511Empire10.17, 12:51, by Empire
—rusade Complete!10.17, 12:141Empire10.17, 12:14, by Empire
—rusade10.06, 17:571Empire10.06, 17:57, by Empire
Reward10.03, 12:221Empire10.03, 12:22, by Empire
Raid09.23, 13:051Empire09.23, 13:05, by Empire
Rewarding!09.23, 13:021Empire09.23, 13:02, by Empire
Mini-balance09.21, 12:091Empire09.21, 12:09, by Empire
Special autumn offer!09.18, 00:001Empire09.18, 00:00, by Empire
Smugglers09.11, 20:171Empire09.11, 20:17, by Empire
Tournament and mini-balance09.05, 19:491Empire09.05, 19:49, by Empire
Hunter's reward!09.05, 15:541Empire09.05, 15:54, by Empire

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