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And there were the Estates...


AuthorAnd there were the Estates...
Estates just got in the market. Feel free to discuss anything about it here . So let the biddings begin!
Let me make it clear for those who have already tried to use their multis to place bids and anyone else thinking of placing a bid with their multis.

3.13.7. Additional characters are not allowed to interact with Estates in any way, i.e. buying or selling them (including betting on them on the auction), renting rooms, storing artifacts, etc.

Happy bidding! :D
I, for one, hope the biddings go really, really high. With all that money taking out of the system, maybe the price of elements will go down a bit. :D
i hope they goo really really low mainly in YL
thx for telling me, or else I might have missed the bidding.
i hope they goo really really low mainly in YL
that is where they will probably be the most expensive.
i know:(
so is this our only chance to get a house?
for sjb50:
There may be more if new locations appear on the map or if people sell the homes after bidding for them.
well what about in places like YL will there be some these for special evens or something
It's said that there would be more available in a later date but much less in number than this first batch.
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Can someone tell me what estates do? Or give me a link that explains them. Thanks.
for Dragon_Rider:

Read the Grand Update.

8) First Estates posted on Empire auction. Their function is to quicken troops and mana regeneration rates to the owner and his or her guests, as well as storing owner's artifacts. The basic Estates hold room for 10 items and increase regeneration by 10%. An estate can be upgraded by constructing various types of annexes.
Visiting several estates/rented rooms is redundant, only the one with highest rate will give effect. Regeneration only has effect on its user only if he or she is in the same location as the Estate. Manipulations with stored artifacts are also possible from home location only.
Each estate has a rank representing its development. The highest rank is five full stars, but upgrading to one of those is a costly luxury.
More estates auctions will be posted at a much later date, and the number of such lots will be considerably lower.
Thanks :)
So, 81 of them. How many millionaire ex-Wizards were there, again? :)
can u still be ambushed by dragons at RoH if you are in a house?
for nahdont:
I would believe so, yes.
New details up:
upgrading to 5 stars is brutal moneysink
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