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yes hapy to answer any questions about shares, either here or in that other thread. Yes selling commission is 5% so much higher than normal. The area is constant and dictates the number of workers. Area number * 3 = max workslots. i.e. area 3 has 9 slots, area 7 has 21 slots etc.
yes hapy to answer any questions about shares, either here or in that other thread
you are very kind sir!

Yes selling commission is 5%
thought so

So, bigger the area, bigger the output?
How is profit calculated?


what's up with this facility?
how would you determine a share's worth?
what's up with this facility?

Selling price equals production cost.
So, bigger the area, bigger the output?

yes and no. bigger area = bigger theoretical output but it relies on people enrolling at your facility and the facility not being 'overproduced' if you have a facility with area [10] but it is in the far flung reaches of the map and nobody enrolls there the production will be low.

Overproduced means the facility has reached the maximum number of artifacts it can hold, nobody is allowed to enroll and nothing can be produced until some artifacts are sold. This actually happens annoyingly often and the facility gets a red mark against it's name.

How is profit calculated?

The profit calculation is slightly complex so the admins made a specific post about it with worked example https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2785709

essentially it is what the art is sold for less the costs to produce. The cost to produce depends on resources and labour time required. In the shareholder voting section it shows you what the profit will be at each price point

how would you determine a share's worth?

It's up to the buyer to determine what constitutes a fair price. Ultimately it comes down to what you expect the profit to be moving forwards and what multiple of the profit you want to pay. Factors that influence the price are the area number, the artifact type and how well it is managed.

what's up with this facility?

first i've seen of this facility, marquis is right that there is no profit because price equals cost. My guess would be that one individual (or a few) is playing the long game to try and acquire more shares in the facility to control it. The other shareholders will be encouraged/forced to sell the share because it produces no profit, it will also attract a lower market price. This allows the main guy to pick up shares for cheap.

How they've managed to persuade the majority of shareholders to act against their own best interests is a mystery.
for Acean:
Nice explanation man!
I understand it quite clearly!

I would have to own a share to really understand the decision making mechanism

So, If I have 1% share, I get a vote in deciding the selling price?
How is the final price calculated?
What other decisions are made by these shareholders?
Shareholders only vote on 2 things. What artifact to produce at the facility and what price it sells for.

You need 2 shares in a facility to propose a vote and then everybody else can vote on that proposal. Your proposal would be raise/lower the price of the current artifact or change the artifact to a different one.

There are 9 different price points you can set. The lowest is selling the item at cost, the highest is cost plus approximately 11.5%.

For instance at my obsidian boots plant the lowest possible price is 7,993 and the highest is 8,950. The difference is the profit i.e. max profit per unit is 8,950-7,993 = 957

The price is currently set at 8,680 which is the middle point on the price scale, it gives a profit of 687 per unit sold.

The shareholders do have their own forum area on .ru. Each facility has it's own private thread where they can discuss strategy however I haven't looked at these since the first weeks. Voting is now fairly automatic.

There are two ways for a vote to pass:

For a vote to pass immediately you need 51% of people to say yes (each share carries 1%, so if you own 12 shares you have 12% rights.

A vote can also pass if the vote timer expires with more than 33% yes votes and fewer no votes. The timer is 48 hours. This was a change made when admins realised getting 51% of people to vote was extremely difficult but it means you can technically pass a vote with 33% yes vote and 32% no vote. (for problems with this see brexit)
What artifact to produce at the facility
this was unexpected

So,they can produce anything?

Few weapons like this one aren't sold at the map
So, there is a chance that people can start producing this!

From not knowing anything about shares, now I feel like I know everything!
Thanks for all the knowledge Acean :)
No it is shop arts only, the facilities are also in categories i.e. you have one that produces weapons or armour or jewellery

You cannot change a sword factory to a ring/armour factory and vice versa
So,they can produce anything?

A few artifacts can not be produced, like most magic ones and high level ones. It is probably the case of your shield, there should be at least one empire facility producing it to create a minimum of supply otherwise.
Why does most of the people playing CG have cold hands ?
cuz russia?
Is there anyone who made a detailed analyses of profits accrued by top shareholders? I'm sure there is a way to track these things but would require greater interest and time than i have. I reckon it is important to know the profitability of owning multiple shares and manipulating prices of arts + empire's weekly dividends vs. cost of purchasing these facilities. What is the average scope of profit? Which shares are most profitable? Stuff like that is very useful to know before buying shares.
shame this was locked so fast


had the potential to be a great thread
VV there is quite a lot of analysis involved in this because there is no easy way to export a transfer log. I did a basic analysis for my own but to my knowledge nothing substantial exists for others.

basic analysis

list of facilities by current weekly profit

I set up a very basic excel web scrape to add up my facilities without doing it manually

list of facility 'balance sheets'/cash on hand

I am also interested in profit of the very top shareholders and may eventually get round to working this out. I have decent data manipulation skills form day job but no scripting knowledge so the lengthiest part is getting the data out.

If anybody knows an easy way to export hundreds of pages of transfer log let me know, its possible somebody has already scripted this
for Acean:
Yes, i recognize it would be a very tedious compiling job without having a handy script. It's a shame that the log filter option is for self only, and not accessible for public viewing/filtering. That alone would've made it far easier.
Either this guy is cheating somehow or has literally no life



Check the time difference
Looketh like a script with a delay
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