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Can you make your own tools with resources?06.12, 10:454chanzp8806.12, 13:17, by chanzp88
Mercenaries- No reward06.11, 20:357vladtheimpaler06.11, 23:27, by DarkSooth
MG rewards06.11, 11:194chikish06.11, 12:14, by #7490Meshy
Combat lvl exp06.10, 21:148Sagewise06.11, 10:34, by randomr1
BB arts06.10, 19:254chikish06.10, 21:00, by chikish
how to break a holy knight's castle?06.08, 00:358#1209bp9906.10, 14:24, by randomr1
Are double hunts extinct?06.09, 11:459randomr106.09, 13:24, by chikish
I hate Russian players , they spread rumours and made my roommate banned06.07, 13:215seanckx06.07, 13:53, by Lord Syrian
I am being BlackMailed by Russian Players Consistently06.06, 16:0513seanckx06.06, 20:42, by #7490Meshy
ATB shift06.05, 23:444Slust06.06, 00:03, by Slust
Summoning Elements06.05, 18:033chikish06.05, 22:59, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
How is enchantment damage calculated?06.04, 09:335Aurelija06.05, 16:59, by Aurelija
Does jewelery enchantments power up only chaos spells?06.04, 08:555Aurelija06.05, 06:44, by randomr1
Imperial helmet part06.04, 14:474#1209barbmaster06.04, 15:41, by #1209barbmaster
Mercenary quests log?06.02, 16:324Slust06.03, 19:27, by Slust
How to proceed?06.01, 14:099Wizaus06.01, 21:11, by Wizaus
Can you not chat anymore in HTML 5?06.01, 10:053Ipsen06.01, 12:45, by Ipsen
How should I have played this cg?05.31, 22:255randomr106.01, 05:18, by randomr1
Mercenary Ashiwment05.29, 16:015#1209Bljuc05.31, 11:00, by Wizaus
CG fsp/exp is this high??05.30, 03:189randomr105.31, 00:04, by randomr1
How is this player doing 4 watcher's guild battles(victories) per day?05.30, 13:434SuperBacon05.30, 14:01, by SuperBacon
picture captchas instead of enroll code05.29, 23:158#7490Hephaistion05.30, 12:02, by #7490Hephaistion
About Diamonds And Donates Paysafe05.29, 16:433#7705___Nikos__05.29, 16:57, by #7705___Nikos__
Clan log05.29, 16:073Slust05.29, 16:25, by Slust
Production of the basic elements drying up.05.27, 14:5418#7705Lawton05.29, 14:19, by Slust
I just completed a campaign with a 100 procent efficiency05.29, 01:023Aurelija05.29, 01:06, by Aurelija
Dungeon caves05.25, 22:024#1209Bljuc05.28, 12:43, by randomr1
Questions on switching faction05.27, 20:248#1209Nazra05.27, 21:46, by #1209Nazra
How to accept the invitation of a clan?05.26, 12:552Arsh_deep05.26, 12:55, by Arsh_deep
How do some people manage to be super active?05.25, 06:1010randomr105.25, 22:27, by fatr3jx

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