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Topic Date
Author Last message
Clans09.17, 01:469SHadyReaper09.17, 14:05, by shubhamgoyal
doubt on lending09.15, 16:523Alyna209.15, 17:19, by Slust
Sea witches and priestesses09.15, 12:123Omar Contreras09.15, 13:12, by Omar Contreras
Success elixir faction bonus work in cg?09.15, 11:583#7490PapaBone09.15, 12:36, by #7490PapaBone
Favoured enemy09.15, 07:043#9595Elvian09.15, 09:21, by #9595Elvian
Perseverance elixir not working for WG?09.15, 01:372#1519myevan209.15, 08:46, by ProZyk
Diamond problem09.14, 23:253Deadnamez09.14, 23:28, by Deadnamez
Did Admin update the battlefield UI?09.14, 20:194Xhuda09.14, 20:29, by Xhuda
Question on rules09.14, 06:274Alyna209.14, 12:31, by Alyna2
Is there any point in elemental enchants on armor in full enchant battles?09.13, 20:508Slust09.13, 23:01, by Slust
Buying diamonds from India09.13, 16:233#9595Elvian09.13, 16:50, by #9595Elvian
Treshhold/Limit for Pit Demon's Skill to work?09.13, 04:1712Ipsen09.13, 09:16, by #7490Meshy
Does the hunter sets do extra dmg to Caravans like in the normal hunt?09.13, 03:495libraevil09.13, 05:15, by #7490Meshy
How much AP to wear to efficiently win TG mission?09.10, 17:025libraevil09.13, 03:53, by libraevil
Do old/inactive Accounts get deleted?09.11, 13:316Han Yolo09.11, 16:56, by Slust
how does WG quest difficulty determined?09.11, 00:363#7490PapaBone09.11, 10:54, by Slust
barbarian, fury barbarian or shadow barbarian?09.10, 23:004SSH09.10, 23:46, by Lord selfist
How 'Wardens' had 16 shots?09.09, 03:513TheKnightsss09.09, 21:24, by TheKnightsss
Tips for Adventure Guild at lvl 1609.09, 08:276Galabar09.09, 18:53, by #7490Viod
Paysafe card09.09, 12:569#9595legend-bouc09.09, 14:21, by #7490Meshy
Diamonds09.09, 03:426Deadnamez09.09, 11:15, by Deadnamez
UN doing AG hunt battles09.08, 19:233#7490gonlador09.08, 20:08, by Ipsen
How it is possible extra speed of all creatures?09.07, 22:2652-Lord of Lords09.08, 19:19, by #7490Meshy
Elves arent allowed to crit alts in TG right?09.06, 13:044Aurelija09.08, 19:15, by Cocoa
Equipping 2 master hunter ring of flight09.08, 06:523#2473Lord photonics09.08, 15:17, by #2473Lord photonics
Most recent formula for Hunt creature increment09.07, 05:2711TheKnightsss09.07, 20:45, by TheKnightsss
what happened to facilities?09.07, 11:4117guyb09.07, 12:01, by #1209General Zod
cheater spotted09.06, 11:295#74902notmess09.06, 22:20, by #4201Magier
Who to contact for unblocking a character?09.05, 13:1715Nayart09.06, 04:32, by #4201virtual_vitrea
loss of item from inventory09.05, 16:473libraevil09.05, 17:20, by libraevil

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