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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
I gave a shot to running facilities, but it gave just like 1-2k gold a day, which is not worth sitting whole day by computer, when simple enrolling gives 5k gold (at my LG level) and requires practically no time.
Running the facilities isn't meant to be an alternative to enrolling. You are supposed to enroll anyway and all the other methods are just extra income. If you only have a set number of hours to play each day, then you can't just enroll more to get gold.
that's wrong
for abdul2k9:
What's wrong then?

I didn't ment that running facs is an alternative to enrolling, my point was that from enrolling I get 5k gold per day and it takes almost no time, so why would I spend so much extra time per day to make just 2k more, it's not worth it.
I get 5k gold per day
Now, how would you increase your per day income? You are comparing 2 different types of income and thinking that if you want 2k more per day, then all you need to do is just enroll more and get 10k per day.

The decision whether or not to run the facilities is like choosing whether or earn 5k or 7k gold per day. Anyway like most things there are diminishing returns, so it depends on the player whether they want to put in any extra effort to get extra gold. There are other methods to get extra gold, but it goes without saying that enrolling should be your primary source of income.
and thinking that if you want 2k more per day, then all you need to do is just enroll more and get 10k per day

It's the second time you assume what I think :-P
No, I don't think what you wrote, I didn't write anything about 10k gold. Just about 5k gold from enrolling per day, estimated in my case as 12 enrollments x 350-500 gold per shift. I can't do 24 enrollments to earn 10k, because I sleep. But I can travel the map for profit from facilities while I am awake. And I don't do that, because I think the profit from that isn't worth the amount of time invested, and that's my point.
You stated that enrolling is easier and uses less of your time to earn gold. I've already acknowledged this. I'm just saying that other methods are available for those who wish to earn extra gold in a set period of time.

You are comparing the gold you receive from enrolling and the gold from the facilities. I'm saying you really can't compare the two since you are not choosing one or the other.

If you find that 5k gold per day is enough for you, then there is no reason to use other methods of earning more gold. I only responded to your original post because you were comparing the relative difficulties between enrolling and the facilities. I found your reasoning flawed. But if you don't need the extra gold for any of the numerous things players complain about such as arts, enchants, switching factions, and TGI, then we can there is no reason for us to continue any further.
It take hours to get millions...
for Queen_of_DE:
If everyone had millions, then they wouldn't be considered rich. It is easier for high levels to get the gold.
for Queen_of_DE:
higher player level has more wage so more gold
higher player level has more wage so more gold
because they also spend a lot of time leveling up their laborer guild. everyone can be rich. (soon or later :D)
because they also spend a lot of time leveling up their laborer guild.
But we also spend a lot of gold too. :)
Be a loan shark in lordswm;D
for hahahaas98:
That's illegal. You can't charge interest.
errrrr wats that #4 and how to cheat and cheat in roulette??
hmm sorry for posting too late, but I think selling arts is not very good to do

I do not teach anyone to do bad things, but at Tourney like this, this is the best time to sell arts with high profit
for Cool_Guy:
There's no cheat in roulette.
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