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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money

Noone can make countinuous profit. One day, these winners will lose, too. Best what they can do is to value their luckyness and stop playing :-)

There is the Law of large numbers

It says for example, that after 1000 throws of dice the average will be very close to 3,5. There is a small probability, for exapmle it happens to one player out of 100(can be calculated exactly but I'm not in the mood :D) that after 50 throws his average will be 4. But if he continues throwing, this probability is decreasing and he will get to 3,5.
Same with roulette, there can be(and there must be) players, that made big money, but if they continue they'll lose it all.

To be absolutely honest, there is another possibility. Totally random sequence can't be programmed(there is a question if something like randomness exists at all), the numbers are generated by some algorithm and maybe some player can have some information about how our algorithm works, who knows.
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // ]

lol..i can't retort on that dice thing cos i don't understand abit about it..
don't bother trying to make it clearer to me..
but anyway, if there are those who wants to follow my tips, go on..
if there are none who wants to follow it, that's better..
cos i do not want to be the cause of many going bankrupt in roulette..
happy playing peeps
There are dozens of roulette systems. Again, the only true thing about roulette is that it takes money from the players and gives money 94,73% back. When you bet on red or black the chance is slightly lower because of 0,00. It is precisely the same in dozens or straight numbers. It really doesnt matter what and how much do you bet. All players lose in a long run, so they just distribute the gold between them according to their luck.

Reyleigh: You are probably talking about system called Martingale. My only question is how far will you go in doubling the amount? Lets say you put 100 on red. You lose. 200 on red, etc.. 100,200,400,800,1600,3200,6400. Lets say 7 times. Each time you are willing to risk such amounts of money you are going deeper. If you lose 3 times in a row, you must put 1500 at risk to win 100. If you lose 4 times, you are taking a risk of losing 3100. Etc. And dont worry, it will happen sooner or later. I have lost 7 games in a row when betting on red. It just gave 12 black numbers in a row and a zero.
I only notice one player these days that win. Ofca, and he is betting straight numbers mostly. Bets 10 000, wins 360 000. But if you watch him for some time, he is going up and down. Only way to win roulette is STOP, when you have won enough. Define "enough" before you start. Set some goal.
Right, as Omega22 said, the Roulette is designed to give 94% of money back, so you're not wining. 0 and 00 are there to break the 50% chances on black-red or even-odd, turning them 48%, making it a non profitable bet. And going on with every bet (black-red, dozens, corners, etc).

The 0 and 00 make the chances slightly lower than the payback so, you're always losing on the long run. If it were really 50% you will be wining once, losing once, and therefore staying at 0. But being 48% you are more likely losing money.

There aren't any methods to win on a software roulette, forget about it. Just a lucky strike can give you money.
Really nice post Omega, and about Martingale, it can be proved that if one have finite number of money, no matter how much, it's loosing system too.
There are no certain win strategy in Roulette
but it's 99%+ to win, if you're scared, don't play !
this is the chance u will lose :

0.52 * 0.52 * 0.52 * 0.52 (4 time in a row of whatever to LOSE) = 7.3%
5 times = 3.8%
6 times = 1.9%
7 times = 1.0%
if u start with 100, it will be 12800 at 7th time
8th = 0.5% oO
9th = 0.2%....
as someone said, you shouldn't be greedy =)). good luck
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if there are 10 people playing roulette, 10 of them using this strategy

after 9 round
0.2* 10 = 2% casino will win money from someone
the longer the game runs, the lower chance casino has (because people only need to win 1 time to take all the money back)
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I am just one day old into the game and have not played roulette here(money constraints).... but here's a slight improvement of a strategy which everyone is proposing ....

wait for roulette to give 3 consecutive black ( or red)...

then start betting with 100 on red.. and double each time u lose...
this way u r starting with 7.3% chance of losing...

if u have 50,000 u will win .. 99.997 times...
KILLERST, please give advice on roulette when you have won 100 000.

Roulette bets total: 24,400
Roulette winnings total: 19,000

I have seen 12 red in a row, when you are willing to risk 12800, for a 99% chance you win 100, then go on. No matter what you do, you wont raise your chance of winning, every roulette system is just an illusion. Your numbers are a mess, your logic is just weird. The chance of 10 red in a row is same as 10 other sequence of numbers, you could as well bet black, red, black, black, red, with twice the amount of gold each time. You win 100 and you might lose 12000, thats a great thing to do.

If there are 10 people playing roulette, 10 of them using your strategy for 7 rounds(you cant play more than 7, there is a limit on how much you can bet 1000*combat level), there is a 10% chance one of them lose EVERYTHING. So when you do this 10 times. Each one of you win 1000. But there is a 100% chance for one of you to LOSE EVERYTHING. I am using your numbers so there is a little mess in the whole outcome, if you wish, I can count it precisely and write you the numbers.
There is a limit on how much you can bet, 1000*combat level. So unless one is lvl 50, he cant bet 50000.
Plus it doesn't make a difference how many reds or blacks appeared in the forehand.
Let me add #12 for all:


Rent a TGI in level 7.Save some $.

Yes.It's might be VERY EXPENSIVE at the begining.But then,you can earn some gold.Yes,those gold will never over the cost of renting.But when you get to TGI 4.You can start renting TGI to others.If you are the cheapest,you can earn money very fast.See many people like Binghuo,Kotrin,China_Blue and all that become so rich?TGI is the answer.
It's amazing to see all these people who think they can beat probability and make money from roulette in the long run.

No wonder Casinos make so much money.
This post reminds me what my maths teacher told me during secondary school:
The only useful ponit for learning probability is DON'T GAMBLE :P
When you get to University level probaility, you learn what casino games CAN be played with a high chance of success as long as you know your maths (most of the card games, etc). But Roulette is not one of them.
In a casino one of the only games that can bring back guarenteed money is blackjack. Roulette is completely random the only way to figure out where to bet on roulette table cannot be done anymore. Ill explain my theory.

Roulette: The only way you can determine where the is to land is to be a mathmatical genious. I do believe that 2 previous mathmaticians done this and in the end casinos changed rules of roulette. By waying up the velocity the ball is spinning and angle it is placed into the roulette wheel you can determine a 3 slot landing position. So betting 1000 on each number would of gaurenteed them a payback of 36000. This method can not be used anymore as you hav to stop betting during the spin.

Blackjack: Ahh my favourite (Bar Poker). This is the ONLY game now a days that is possible to gaurentee payback. There is one method fo doing this again and as before you need to be extremely good at math. Its know as card counting. Due to the automatic card sufflers it has become alot harder now but not impossible.

Usually there will be a team of 6 people spread around 3 tables. Thses 6 people are split into 3 groups. Distracters x2, counters x2, winners x2.

Distracters: These 2 people are split between 2 tables. At each table while the counters and winners are doing there job these people do stupid things. They do this to draw the attention away from the card counters who are giving signels to the betters. Can be done in different ways.

Counters: These people sit at there table slow betting (Min Bet) Counting what cards come out and memorizing the sequence. Due to there being 52 cards and in blackjack you can see the other players cards you can determine what the dealer has and what will come up. This takes alot of practise.

Betters/Winners: These will join a table when it is HOT (They have got the count on the cards). They will join a table and sit near the counter. The counter will then tell them by giving some signel what the card count is. They go straight in see the first card and count out back what cards will have been drawn due to the signel given. By doing this they can deliver a VERY accurate result and gaurentee payback.

Disclaimer: I have never done this i am not clever enough, i do not recommened trying this either. If you get caught you will must probally disappear. I studied this because it has always fascinated me these processes.
The other thing that should be noted about the Roulette table in use in Heroes is that it is if the American variety whereby there is one extra number on the table i.e. 00. In european tables there is just a zero and 36 numbers.

If you work out the maths then in simple terms the house always wins overall. It pays out 36:1 on a single number win, and all lines. columns, split bets are worked on this multiple. But the American Roulette table has 38 numbers on it, so the house is winning on average 2/38 or 5.2% overall. On a European table with only 37 numbers then the house is winning only 1/37 on average or 2.7%. Big difference, and making it much harder to win on he American tables
chrisl: Doesnt European table with 37 numbers pay only 1:35 for single number. I am not sure, thats why I ask.

"The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer's not looking." Albert Einstein
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