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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
how can i know when is the production time of the factory???
ahh!!! now my brain seems to be working again! :D
thanks straws for the info, that answers all my question about click wars clearly after you tell me about nickel works in EB. but, is it just me or i can't buy any nickel there? its "in stock" always below 1!

too bad i realized this late: not to waste my art until 0 durability...
but what about blacksmiths? is it too early for lv6 to build that, in other words, wasting money? and if i won't use my blacksmith, how it will "level up"? i thought it would be much cheaper to repair something than to buy the same art over and over. (if the blacksmith at high level)

"unless you send it to a smith who offers huge discount on the repairing cost"
how can i find someone who offers it?
for clone_of_wizard:
Click on the facility, and look for "Workshift ends at:", if no one works there, there won't be any.

for Xcalnarok:
Stock is "always" below 1, because people bought them when shifts just ended.

From the help page:
Repair cost with any efficiency makes 40% of the estimated artifact cost (according to the prices of the shop), while worn out artifacts buyout rate is 65%, making you pay only 35% to completely restore a shop artifact. The guild warns that smithing is an art, and usually leads to money loss. Rare or enchanted artifacts repairing certainly make an exception, though, since you cannot buy them in the shop.

So its always cheaper to re-buy the artifact, than to repair it, even if you have 90% repair (which would costs millions to reach), cause you always pay the full repair cost.

Smiths and Enchanters services:
how unlucky... T.T so many greedy people that want nickel! (including me :P)
i'm a little bit confused about the help page's text, for example "buyout rate". but since you suggested to re-buy it, i hope you're right.
and, last question (until now), is it wise to build blacksmith at lv6? i have to think this hard, because it costs so much money!
Buyout rate is the price Empire would purchase the artifact from you, eg. 65% of shop price for an unrepaired worn shop art (yes, it is lowered every time artifact is repaired).

No, it is not. Building up the smith skill cost millions of gold, and the building is useless if you aren't planning to use it.
ah!!! now my brain finally gets it all! :D
thanks so much for the info and advices!
oh yeah i almost forget, thanks for the link at 183#!
i dnt get number 4 u cant sell u can only buy
plz tell me
[Player banned by moderator Straws until 2009-12-23 07:04:21 // Don't flood.]
oh nooow i get it....
actully u cnt sell it how do u sell the sulfur 2 jellery of doughts?

Follow this tutorial to learn how to sell resources to factory. To answer your question, it was either the facility hasn't got enough gold, or there were enough sulfur.
maybe the link at page 7 138th post will help you. i can learn number 4 a lot from that post&link! :D
ah, straws can explain better! look at the link! (#191)
ty that helped me!

omg i just made 1.5k out of that
nice 1
i shall try this
looks like we will have a lot of click war rivals... :P
click wars seems getting tougher... :(
is it legal to sell my arts to someone using PM? (i'll tell the info of the art and price that they should pay, of course)
just a very simple question.
How much profit is possible by selling resource to factory!i seriously doubt a 200 -1000+ gold profit. If anyone regularly uses this method to make money then please tell how much profit is possible!
and also,are there any ultra-profit making factories which buy resources at cheaper prices than which they are sold at mining facilities?
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