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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
Market that is the key to make more money. open your eyes into market.
for gogila:

The only match money you can get legally is in the Tavern games, and the betting is already part of the game creation process.

No other form of match money is allowed in this game.
I have a question... :D

Where can I sell mercury easily? I bought it by a mistake. :(
You can sell them to others in the market

Or try the hauberk works after the work-hour ends
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anyone know of a resource sheet where i can compare
arts; cost per battle?

or any lists so i can compare arts/durability/cost per battle
I'm newly lvl 9 and feel the need to do things cheaply
hi,i am ashamed to tell you that i am a level 5 labour guild player.but i cant manage my money so what to do to manage it?
i have so much money can someone borou me some gol
for Tyrisia:
first don`t change factions alot and always use mi ap and in time you will have lots ofgold
i didnt uderstand the 4 th point
4. Sell resource to factory.
Some people is doubt how much you can earn buy selling resource to factory. Here I can tell you that every hour you can earn around 200 gold to 1000 gold +++. You need to know every factory production time, reach there before factory production time. Waiting there, when you see people enroll, sell the resource to factory fast. After finish enroll, travel to next factory and repeat the same process. You need to travel a lot. Do this if you got time.

You buy resources from the mines/machining and then sell it to the machining/production that needs it for profit. since workhours end every 10 minutes, you can travel to 6 different places to do this.

This is depending on demand and supply, which you can see on the economics statistics page

Each time enrollment starts, the resources are used up in a machining/production site, thus creating a demand. You then sell the resources to the facility as the supply. 20 resources at a time though.
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[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Do not beg for money in the forums. Especiialy on a thread teaching you to make money by yourself]
Dont be a beggar here!
The fastes way to earn money is playing Roulete!
Is there any guide or something to trading resources to factories? Because there is something i still don't understand:

- Does the factory needs to have enough gold to buy you the resources?
- There are times in which i see in statistics page that there is a demand of, say, 15 wood in Nickel Works (EB) but if i go, there is no such demand.
- Sometimes I enter in a factory where they lack resources and there are free posts and you still can enroll, but i can't sell anything.

What are the exact "rules" to selling or where can i read/know them?
Another thing is, how do you understand requiered production units table? units/hour, hours required, etc...

And what is the facility functioning log? there is 2 numbers after player list in each line, what are them?
i do not know, whether there exists an exactly guide, but i tried to explain a little bit about that in my post in this thread :


And yes, it is click wars, but if you are lucky, like i am often, players, especially in nickel and steel works in great capital forget to sell wood, ore and mercury :)
the last message just came randomly.
thanks for the secret though. it is helpful
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