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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
for EROCS:
There's no cheat in roulette.
if you have to know, THERE IS! check this, at the bottom of the page.

UNFORTUNATELY, no one can break the password... i was trying to break it last month, but from what that i know, there are 50 characters to put in the password!!! so it's impossible to break it... AND, IF someone break it, they'll never tell us how...
yeahh .. someone has broken it I believe .. and admins know "HIM" .. I do not want to tell anything about "HIM" .. coz I have no real proves ..
Every month the players will be granted access to a password-protected archive with the sequence for the current month. In the beginning of the next month, the password will be proclaimed.

Those are the lists for the past months. There's no cheat.
for _PrinceOfChaos_:
I do not want to tell anything about "HIM"
do you know something? tell us! ^^

for EROCS:
Those are the lists for the past months. There's no cheat.
but i remembered it for sure, i found that link last month, coz i was trying last month too! oh yeah, i heard that there is a clan, "victim of roulete" maybe? i'm not sure enough...

sigh... if only i'm the luckiest person in the world! XD
thank you
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how to do mg quest and where is it?
for naishadh:
Yellow Lake > Public Services.
for naishadh:
Yellow Lake > Public Services.
here u accept and then go to place written there and start quest
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can somebody say me why i see higher lvles why they have lot of resours????
for PrObArB:
4. Sell resource to factory.

But some players use the resource to buy arts or buildings (especially those who switch factions).
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4) how do I know the factory production time?
Mines, machinery, and factories have their workshift times listed.
For example:
Workshift ends at: 21:30
This means the current workshift ends at 21:30.
sorry for double post,
how can I sell resources to factory?
nah ok i found it!
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