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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
- Does the factory need to have enough gold to buy you the resources?

Yes, it does

- There are times in which i see in statistics page that there is a demand of, say, 15 wood in Nickel Works (EB) but if i go, there is no such demand.

The Economic Stats page (https://www.lordswm.com/ecostat.php) is updated only every 10 or so minutes, so the info may be outdated.Sometimes I enter in a factory where they lack resources and there are free posts and you still can enroll, but i can't sell anything
Do you have the required resource and does the factory have the gold to pay you?

units/hour - Top one (Hours required) is the goods produced each man-hour, the units/hour with a resource by the side is the units of resource used up per man-hour to make the goods.

1 person enrolling for 1 hour works her Labourers' Guild Multiplication Factor in man-hours per hour.
just like to add, check how many units are used per hour if you plan on selling resources. e.g. at the nickel facility in east bay, it uses 3 ore per person enrolling (not including labours guild), hence there is a maximum of 54 units of ore that can be sold, at a possible margin of 6 gold. but at the same facility the higher profit margin mercury only allows for a maximum of 18 units to be sold per enrolling session.
therefore if you were able to win 'clickwars' for all of them the final profit for selling ore is 324 compared to 252 for mercury. of course it would be almost impossible to be the only one selling, but having the higher demand also increases your (slim) chance of selling.

...to finding it out the hard way...
Thanks for the explanations, I finally got it clear :P

ps. Click wars are hard, but i'm starting to rock it
I don't think that doing 'clickwar' is worthwhile.
if you need/want money, clickwars is always worthwhile because it can be done in addition to enrollment.
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // This is a thread on how to make money. Make your own topic please]
expenditure more than earning.how to reduce my expenditure?
don't spend them on unnecessary stuffs
Hey option #4 what do you do? just sell items to the company? how does that help?
for Dacamster:
The prices which the Mining/Machining facilities sell their products (resources/Machined items)at is lesser that what the Machining/Production buy them for.

You can make a few gold per product, so selling them in bulk and constantly earns you quite some gold if you succeed.
Trading is a good way to make money!!
See this:
09-01-09 14:05: Sold item: "Master hunter amulet" [10/10] 2 pcs. for 7110 gold to CaligulaX as lot #822083. Commission: 71
09-01-09 14:00: Acquired item: "Master hunter amulet" [10/10] 2 pcs. for 6200 gold from CaligulaX as lot #822077

839 gold in 5 minute
The funniest thing is I bought and sold with the same ppl :))
Its really happen, but I'm not cheating :))
thanks for tips.
i agree to chinablue this is just a guideline
[Post deleted by moderator Straws // irrelevant]
5. Selling art.
Some art like ring of aspiration and defender shield always have high demand. Selling art with some profit can bring you some extra gold. My highest record in selling art is able to sell more than 50 arts per day. This happen during Dragon hunt period.

I don't really understand this part. When I examine for example this defender shield factory, there is not much of a clic war bacause there are 1000 or so shields already. And at market I can also find 17 pieces of them. Looks to me like this is hardly a profitable method. Also, if I need a defender shield, I think I'll buy one at the blacksmith for 3,300 rather than at the market for 3,345 or something. And selling them at the market for less than 3,300 does not really make any sense...
for The_Kalkkuna:
Well, thats sort of outdated already, Defender shield and Ring of inspiration used to be scarce, especially during tournament or event, eg. market price for Defender shield could fetch up to 4500 gold.
And till now, even for those unpopular artifacts, when you see the right opportunity, you can sell it on the market for way higher price than on the map. Lots of people are lazy to go to the specific facility, or even check the cost, and they will just grab the cheapest one on the market. Even Round shield sells for 600 gold sometimes.
one good "secret" is to dont buy wepons and resources from MARKET
just go and buy directly from source:D
save around 50 gold
I guess quest log is also a way to gain gold!
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