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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
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Thanks china_blue for the info.
But I can't sell resources to factory,they are always having enough resources.
Can you tell me a link through which I can see which factory needs how much resourcs.

Demand - Supply list, but this list is updated once every 10 mins. So by the time you get there the facility might already be full.

Best time is at the beginning and end of work shifts and being quick is the key to selling resources~
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Currently if you ask me the way to make money is to buy up as many thief invites as you can while the market is low. The demand is only likely to rise. Only problem is you need enough capital to start with ( the rich get richer)If I could afford one, I would.
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well if someone has nothing and wants a loan and people wont give him for exapmle me what should i do?

1) you have 500k negative in roulette.. stop betting if you can't afford it.

2)enroll.. over and over again. And every 10 times, don't forget a battle ;)
i have but i need some money for the tournament 20,000 and i dont think i can manage that in 1 day
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There's ought to be someone who is kind enough.
for SurSE:
Begging for gold on a thread teaching you to make gold on your own kinda defeats the purpose. Please don't do it.
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172>> we're all lords of money, remember! not lords of beggar! lol! :D

hi, umm, can anyone tell me again about what you're saying "click wars"? my brain seems cannot get it even i've read the old post... :P i mean, how to do it and what time will that "click war" appeared and also how do you know the time?

and one more thing, looks like i can't sell any art with durability 0, what should i do? i hope i don't have to sell it simply. i'm still lv5, so i can't build blacksmith. is there any way to sell that art to the market so i can have more profit?

thanks for replies before...
Click war happens when a bunch of players compete to sell resources to the facility, as other players are enrolling when shift just ended. More popular facilities, one such as Nickel works in EB, is the usual target as it never runs out of gold, pays high for resources, and just as much players would want to enroll there, so it would have the same minute shifts end (not anymore since the newest update).

Worn shop artifact can only be traded through transfer feature. It is actually recommended to sell it, and then buy a new one, than to repair it, as it is cheaper, unless you send it to a smith who offers huge discount on the repairing cost. Though you can always try to sell your artifact on the market before it reaches 0 durability, for better price, but not guaranteed to sell.

You can read about it here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=39
(under Smiths' guild)
I am brand new and don't understand the game much. I can't do the third or fourth totorial step either. "beat somebody in a duel". How come all of the other lev. 1 guys have so many people?
Have you recruited more troops at recruiting page?

(the duel at beginning isn't mandatory, you can leave it out, if you aren't successfull)
where to sell to factory??? i thought can only buy.... not sell..
for king_of_gunner:
Machining and production facilities do purchase resources.

This tutorial by gurumao shows step by step on how to sell resources to facility:
thx straws....
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