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Way to make some money


AuthorWay to make some money
Facinating as this conversation is, please remember that this topic is to share ways to earn gold in-game, not to discuss principles of roulette.
If you wish to talk about that - create a topic in OGF.
i always sell my elements 25 or 10 percent lower then how much some ppl at the market ask for.this may be kinda cheatin but i rilly think those peeps r rip offs
Method to buy from any factory "by LITWIN"

1. Use Opera browser. Is faster than IE, Google or IE.
2. In Opera, activate the "View Bar".
3. In view bar you see button "Show Images". Click on it. They change to "No Images" - images will not load on any page - that make you browser very fast.
4. Synchronize clock in your computer with time in game.
5. Important is to show SECOND on SERVER SIDE when page is reloading. Reload page few times (F5 key) to show second when timer shown in right-top corner (game time) change minute. In this second you need reload page later, in factory when they produce minerals/items.
6. Good way is install something like "FreeDesktopClock" or any other software - to see seconds in screen (or resize browser, use other clock (handy clock?)).
7. Go to factory page where you buying items.
8. Wait to end of minute when factory end production cycle.
9. Press F11 to get full screen size.
10. Second before changing time (or on changing time) - when game clock will change, reload page (F5 key)
11. Enter "TAB" key twice to go into box, enter number of items to buy - default is "1". Press ENTER.

With my solution - this is not a cheat !! - sometime i can buy 2-3 items.
In worst case i buy one item.
There's always the great way to make money off roulette.

Bet 100 gold. Pretend you lose.

Bet 200 gold. Pretend you lose.

Bet 400 gold. Petend you won. You've made 100 gold, the original betting amount.

Make a bet, then double it each time and if you have enough gold you'll eventually get the original betting amount. This is fairly slow, but if you have a lot of money, then you can up the starting amount, and keep doubling, and you eventually get the original amount. The one downside to this strategy is that if you ever fail, you lose ALL your money, but that happens so rarely that your far more likely to come out ahead. I would suggest at least being able to do this at least 6 times before you start. That means at least 6300 gold, otherwise your chances of failure are dangerously high.

I am not responsible for anyone who uses this and loses all their money. I did not choose to bet your money, you, the gambler, did.
i found when ever i bet i loose my money
so now i just bet on what i think will not be it
and yay i have been making money
how to make a loan?
umm i apoligise for my ignorance but wat do u mean by selling resourcr to factory?
i really wouldnt walk around selling to factories cause theres a chance u might get ambushed.so really ur just wasting money and time
The system proposed by #85 is insane. If u start at 100, and lose, bet 200, then bet 400, lose then 800. So imagine on your 5th roll you're betting 1600, all just to win 100?

This system is called a "Martingale" betting system, google it.
wow i learn so much about this thanks!
how do you sell to factory
thx for inormation :)
YOu also can make different acounts, get to level 3 on the account, and transfer money from the level three acount. Trust me I'm on one of my money acounts right now.
DON'T DO THAT, it's forbiden by the rules. You'll be banned...
90, for this to be very beneficial you would have to bet the rows, something that is 1/3 chance
you do know everytime you increase the bet x2 you increase the amount you will win. you bet 100, 200, 400, 800, and finally win when you bet 1600.

now do the math. the money you lost adds up too 1500. but winning off 1600 would be x3 4800. minus the 1500 and 1600 is 1700 winnings.

so with this method every time you lose it is actually bringing you closer to a bigger payout when you do finally win. just make sure you have enough money to do it for a while because if you get it wrong too many times in a row you are losing a lot of money. so there is always the risk that you will reach bankruptcy before you hit a win. but its a 1/3 chance. so if you bet the same column every time chances are you will get it within a few shots.

i was stupid and did it with only 10000 gold and went bankrupt really quick. im not going to try this until i have at least 50000. the more money you have the better your chances are.
I got a fast way to win on roulette,

bet on every corner of column 3 and 2, then stake Colum 1st if you lost on those corners, you win moneyback on column 1.

*beware! 0, 00 doesn;t count!

Have Fun!
BTW, just won 3k
for Bleach1717: Never ever do that if u want ur account not blocked

for Terengganu: I just won (my secondary char) --> 126K ... :)
for Terengganu: I just won (my secondary char) --> 126K ... :)

Just luck =P
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