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Necromancer faction topic


AuthorNecromancer faction topic
Just curious... is it just me not seeing something, or there is basically no difference between lvl 12 and lvl 13 necro army? Checked some lvls 13 and their army doesn't really differ from mine. It's like after advancing to lvl 13 necro doesn't get a single unit more.

I don't think I ever used zombies in ambushes although I started seriously doing ambushes after level 10. In that particular type of combat initiative is extremly important. And that is something zombies lack, so despite their high numbers and relatively high hitpoints they will be ripped apart by high-ini armies.
Level 12 and 13 the armies are the exact same.
That's too bad. No additional troops, no buildings in the castle to build. Not much motivation to get lvl 13... (unless someone wants to get liches upgrade for diamonds).

Anywyay, thanks.
Well lvl 13 means nice talents though and a nice ammount of gold and no buildings to spend it on :)
First Question: Should i save my reserve for skele bows or use them at early itself?

use them at levels 1-2 because If u let them die zobies get + 2 attack
#305 Your text is missleading.

You do not to recruit from reserve to enrage zombies. You only need 6 skeletons splitted 1 per stack. Zombies will get +1 attack for each stack that dies. You can get these skeletons by leaving some zombies unrecruited, thus avoiding the use of reserve.
So, 15 fights 10 wins.Not a bad result, actually.Let's see what we saw in TBT 2:
Elves - are the best enemy for necro - treefolkes have quite low initiative and damage, so it's not a problem to kill them.In fact I can't imagine battle where normal elv can defeat normal necro.
DE and barbarians - they are totally killable too(if you divided your stacks, of course=) - the man task is not to stay on direct arrow - cyclops still makes not so much damage, but with 0 defence(thanks, witches=( that'll be over.
Wizards - necro's and wizard's stacks have the same speed, so a problem of killing one another by heroes turns out=(
But, anyway it mustn't be a great problem to kill a wiz - initiative is still lower, and it's not similar between both enemy units, so use it!
Demons and knights - the most strong enemies.In tipical battle knight puts his forces 1 square forvard and we have to come as close, as we can, but he hits first, anyway=(
Demon's tactic are very different and mostly all battle depends on it, but they are still very strong=(
aggainst knight you can use single stacks to prvent him from reaching your main stacks while you wait with them should he attack the single ones.


Wizzard was undefeatable in my opinion since of onslaught ability increasing "spynx warriors" initiative to 16. Together with no retailiation this was the toughest opponent from my poin of view.

With demons it depend totaly on their setup. But I found the following strategy to be working quite good. Do not split your stacks and place them at minimum distance appart from each other so area effects will hit only 1 stack. Advance in first round so enemy can't hit you. Then concentrate on killing the small stacks of pit lords as fast as possible (10 envoys will kill 2 pit lords, 10 heralds can kill up to 3 with even better chances if you already hit them with your hero)

Ignore a possible big stack of 10 cave demons until you finished all pit lords even gated stacks.
2 examples against demons


1 more against knights though with other tactic (my first contact with knight in the tourney)

for Ranor:
Strange demons=)
But what if they shoot at you by fireballs and meteors(I guess they won't need mana then)?Killing 3-4 heralds at the beguining is worse, if you don't divide stacks.
In the first battle with knight the point was, that he couldn't kill your small stacks, cause he didn't want to come nearer with 2 main stacks, but, if he divided 2-8-2-8 and did so, he could destroy your 3 small stacks.Actually you'll hit him with your 2 main stacks, but what does it changes, if he can run around and make much more damage?
No comments to last battle=)
fireball and meteors didn't do so much damge as to kill 3-4 units, if I would spilt my heralds I couldn't place them far from each other and demon would hit even more with mass spells (thats what I've done in my first battle against demons where I lost) and I would thus loose more units.
for Ranor:
Watch some of my battles - they could hit me with meteors, but not with fireball.When you divide the point is not how many creatures you have in the stack, but how many stacks you've got.You have another situation, and number of creatures in stack is muck more important.
If you split them, we'll fireball you to death, otherwize your two big stacks' defence will be lowered to 0 in 2 turns. Demons are unbeatable t his time.


demons unbeatable nah i beat them twice
What are min arts for lvl 6 necro?
I was thinking about light axe + defender shield + leather armor
Is there anything cheaper? I don't care about stats.
Erm as a lv 8 necro, should I continue raise build, or a might build? 0.o
for DarkSooth:
Steel blade isn't much more expensive, but more effective and long-working.
@316 lvl 8 is the moment to change to might

Druids always used to cast lightning on liches and then on bowmen skeletons. Now they seem to target vampire counts instead of skeletons o.O Was that always like this? (before a vampire upgrade to vampire count I've never experienced anything like this lol).
I am a level 8 hybrid (might/raise) n hvnt build inf zombies as i consider em nt good enough fr hunts n ambushes .

I wanted to know :
1. What is the min ap for necro lvl 8 ?

2. When doing ambushes durin caravans , do we lose skel archers 100% if we lose or 25% of the lost no like in hunts ?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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